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2/27/2019 c33 sarabo
I'm so sorry that the trolls are giving you a difficult time. They are afraid to use their name because they may get some deserved blow back, so they always post as guests. I can understand why some authors are changing sites and don't wish to continue with FF. SO SAD!
2/27/2019 c31 sarabo
WOW! The angst is just pouring out of your fingers into the story. I hope that it is just a little bump in the road and not a huge mountain.
2/27/2019 c28 sarabo
It angers me that she said she would go to Forks with the jerk. Edward must be feeling awful and I don't blame him.
2/25/2019 c27 sarabo
Bella seeing Jacob again was a shock. I think she was too nice to him. I would have slapped him.
2/25/2019 c26 sarabo
The way erotic pictures are used by some people, I would hate to have them out there. I trust Edward completely but if they somehow got in the wrong hands there would by hell to pay.
2/25/2019 c25 sarabo
Phone sex! Those two really make it an amazing night!
2/25/2019 c24 sarabo
OMG! She is falling fast! It is great to read!
2/25/2019 c23 sarabo
A small amount of kink, but they loved it!
2/24/2019 c22 sarabo
Charlie really is a loving father. Great to know.
2/24/2019 c20 sarabo
They are getting closer and closer. I love it!
2/23/2019 c18 sarabo
I wish next time I went to a movie it could end like that.
2/23/2019 c17 sarabo
Emmett is always so full of piss and vinegar. No telling what will come out of his mouth next.
2/23/2019 c16 sarabo
Jasper has some good insight. He would be a good friend to have,
2/22/2019 c14 sarabo
Believe it or not, when I was a kid I went to the Seattle world's fair. It was great, but I didn't see Elvis there, ha ha. Edward is just perfect. Not only a great lover but a wonderful nurse also.
2/22/2019 c13 sarabo
He is really great the next morning! Wish Bella would let her fears go and enjoy the mornings too.
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