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for A Mother's Love

1/25/2018 c1 oma13
How did I miss this amazing one shot!? It was absolutely lovely. I wished they could have had the time to include Hunith and her reaction in the episode. Heck, I wish they had more Hunith in the show! Loved this, great job!
7/3/2017 c1 Guest
6/26/2015 c1 2Lady Archive
This was amazing! I really wish the show had let us see a little bit more of Hunith's feelings and reactions outside of the feverish and not quite understanding what Merlin is saying state. But if they had I imagine it would have been something like this so thank you so much for writing it and really capturing Hunith's character!
4/15/2014 c1 Guest
Thank you for writing this. "You're a good son" indeed. Pffft! It needed to be fixed and you did.
2/3/2014 c1 4ToxicTenshi
Aw, that was so cute! So much feels in this one-shot, I really liked it. We don't really get enough of dem cute Merlin and mommy moments do we? Well anyways, good job. It was a cute read indeed : )
1/10/2014 c1 19drawnoncatwhiskers
Omg I cried this was so beautiful and so sad
10/7/2013 c1 MJStevie
Hunith and Merlin have a very special relationship, I think. They have always been just the two of them since Merlin was born. I think you portrayed Hunith's emotions perfectly. I cried. A little.
Amazing, thanks for sharing :)
9/18/2013 c1 1Clara Brighet
Oh good gracious YES.
I've often thought about what it must've been like for Hunith, waking up after the exchange (unknown to her) was made, and how she must have reacted. This was a beautiful fic, not at all disappointing! Everything I thought it would be. It's like you took a wee peek into my mind, and decided to turn my daydream into a fic for me. How kind of you. ;)
Many thanks for writing! :D I LOVED it!
9/18/2013 c1 chele the original
Excellently written.!
9/18/2013 c1 Guest
Ah, this was so beautiful. I have to admit, it brought a tear or two to my eyes. I could totally see this happening in the show, and I do wish that the show explored the mother and son relationship between Merlin and Hunith; it's too perfect and just lovable. I haven't read many Merlin fics that actually did Hunith's character justice, but you certainly nailed it and I simply loved her thoughts and her conversation with Merlin near the end. Great job on this; it was heart-wrenching at points but also adorable!
9/17/2013 c1 93Book girl fan
I enjoyed it! It was touching. I'm not sure I have any words to describe it.
9/17/2013 c1 11battlemaiden518
I loved this! It was so swet and emotional and I loved Hunith. :)
9/17/2013 c1 76Unformal Sorrelle
Thank you. That scene always seemed wrong to me- Sure, Mom, I'm gonna go die for you! / You're such a good son!- didn't look right. It makes a lot more sense with the way you portrayed it. So thanks. I greatly enjoyed reading this :)
9/17/2013 c1 32Ernil i Pheriannath
Very touching and well written.
9/17/2013 c1 10zendog
Moving and emotionally true to Hunith's character. Beautifully written and a great tag to the episode.
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