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4/24 c10 Guest
Pas mal. Bon j'ai bien aimé que vance ce fasse crier dessus
4/24 c9 Guest
Et pourquoi pas l'embaucher Tony et puis tant cas faire Tim et Abby et palmer et Donald
4/24 c8 Guest
Sa c'est tu jethro tout craché ne m'appeler pas monsieur
4/24 c7 Guest
4/24 c6 Guest
Abby tes incroyable oui moi aussi je veux qu'il reste a DC mais il doit être ailleurs
4/24 c5 Guest
Effectivement c'est compliqué mais oui je le pense aussi miss Mossad est une vraie pimbêche pour être polie
4/24 c4 Guest
Vraiment pas mal. Attend je suis mdr pour la discrétion de la vieille dame qui raconte les souvenirs d'enfance de Gibbs.
Tony oui jethro est têtu et j'en connais un autre aussi
4/24 c3 Guest
Petite ville effectivement
4/24 c2 Guest
4/24 c1 Guest
Pas mal. Et j'adore ce Jack Gibbs
2/4 c10 Guest
Thank you for sharing this story.
2/6/2023 c10 HoneyBear84
love it
5/17/2021 c10 BMS
A nice little story.
7/13/2019 c10 Spency Morgan
I really enjoyed your story, I had never read anything written by you, so it was a risk to read one with ten chapters. What attracted me to this story was Tony being a sheriff in Stillwater and you listed Tony and Jackson Gibbs as participants. I really enjoyed the participation of Gibbs' father in the program. I thought Jackson would be more active in the story, but it looks like you've decided to reduce his involvement after the actor died. A feather! Even on the show I noticed Tony and he got along well, I wish I had seen more scenes of them together. I found the end a bit sudden, but it was worth it to see Vance suffering the consequences of his attitudes, finished career, limited power. I loved it! And the rates that fell! He had to admit that they were only tall because of the agency's dinosaurs: Tony and Gibbs. And I put Tony first because we can not forget that when Gibbs went to Mexico, Tony kept resolution rates at the same level as before, alone. Because Ziva and McGee were insubordinate, they did not follow his orders and Tony was still working undercover for Jenny. Tony was the best NCIS agent!
5/5/2019 c10 Hainbuche
ich hab den zweiten teil zuerst gelesen... ich finde dass sich beide gut ergänzen, aber auch für sich tolle geschichten sind. vielen dank fürs teilen. lg hayne
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