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for The creation of the Ghost King, Lord Phantasm, lord of Life and Death

7/20 c11 Gguma030
I had the impression of reading a pokedex (Д)彡
9/24/2018 c25 4Avenger2003
The story wasn't adopted by PhantomFoxy it was adopted by Skull-Bat-Productions and the guy just summarized the main plot and didn't start to continue from where you left off. So could you please resume writing the story or find someone else (who will actually write the story) to do it please.
8/3/2017 c25 19RusEmp
Please updaaaaaate! Or I will use necromancy to revive this story, and you don't want it.
4/16/2016 c12 15Girl-of-Action
Definitely the best chapter you've written so far! Hm... Where to begin? I like Danny's new title. It'll take some getting used to, but it definitely works. I enjoyed all the trials and especially the ghosts of the Sith Lords. They had the perfect mix of intimidating, fun and serious. That last trial was the best- didn't see it coming!

I hope Darth Revan doesn't push that little boy too hard. He's only five! Danny may have been able to take it, but he was older, already had experience and advantages (ghost powers) that this boy doesn't have...

I like the crystal that Danny got. Question- is the light saber he activated toward the end of this chapter the red or blue one? I also agree with what you had to say about the true power of a lightsaber, good thinking.

I'm honestly not a fan of Danny's copy eyes (which I feel is a bit too OP for me) or his wings. Can't seem to wrap my mind around the last one... So is Danny's eyes permanently green now, now that he's a full Sith with all that power going through him? If so, that's pretty cool. I've always loved his neon green eyes. :3

Finally, that necklace he got is interesting. I really enjoy the concept of summoning some help in the form of Sith Lord spirits whenever Danny needs to. Also glad you put that one drawback on having the necklace- don't want it to be too OP.

Overall, great work! I'm looking forward to seeing the Sith Empire grow and seeing the Jedi's reactions.
4/16/2016 c11 Girl-of-Action
Wowa. This has to be the most detailed chapter yet, bravo... So you are sticking to the first Star Wars EU with the YZ? Interesting. I wonder if Luke, Ben, Jacen and other characters will make an appearance, or is this even after their time as well?

Lol, love the shameless addition of stargate technology, cause why the heck not?

As to you pm, you are welcome and best of luck.
4/15/2016 c7 Girl-of-Action
Really enjoying this so far. The detail and thought you have put into this is just amazing. I always have pondered how useful it would be for Danny to have duplication and use it daily. It would save him so much grief, and I'm happy you have put the idea to use here. I've also believe that asking a ghost how he or she died would be considered a grave offense, along with asking about their obsession. It's interesting to see someone with the same beliefs right about it.

Keep up the great work! My only suggestion would be to get a beta to help with grammar. :) You will most definitely have more favs/follows if you do.
3/20/2016 c17 ivanganev1992
Ch17 for ch 24 last Ember has living roach phobia .Hilarious. Are the ghosts able to feel something different than hate and anger?
3/19/2016 c8 ivanganev1992
Ch 8
Compact muscles. You Sam. Are close.
2/25/2016 c24 jcotton42
Please don't delete it, someone will find it in the future and adopt it.
2/6/2016 c24 Darkverger1
i"m sorry that you aren't continuing the story, I really liked it. Thank you for all the work you put into it.
1/14/2016 c23 silvertonguefox
Why no new chapter?!

Also will they ever meet Skywalker?
9/15/2015 c23 9XxElementalStormxX
Wonderful story
12/19/2014 c23 Darkverger1
Wow, this was a great chapter, I loved it, also was there a Black lagoon reference with that line about the big gun stolen from the lord?
11/7/2014 c13 Kiba94100
Thanks for this new chapter! Keep up your gourd work!
11/7/2014 c22 Darkverger1
Ahhhh you can't stop there. NOOOOOOO. But It is so painfully obvious I am surprised no one else noticed sooner.
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