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for Kismet - Fate or Destiny

11/16/2013 c15 13kay.hayden
WOW... Some twist you gave us and I like Eyal have mixed emotions about trusting Sharon. He has many things to work through and what a wonderful job you did in exploring them. Thanks.
11/5/2013 c13 Guest
Very nice. I am wondering why women are writing so nice and men so dramatic. Nice touch. Thx
11/4/2013 c13 14Taliahah
Thanks so much for the intro to "your part of the world". It was great fun to read it. Looking forward to what you do with Israel, too. Thanks for such an engaging story.
11/4/2013 c13 13kay.hayden
Love the interaction with the teenagers and yes, Eyal would make a good father figure. Now I have to go and look up the places you have named and check out what I've missed in my travels.
10/30/2013 c12 Denny
Great reading and like how you are playing the A-team together. ;-0 (Oh It's Great)
10/29/2013 c1 9HelloPatsy
Payback should be coming and I don't care how psychologically unstable Robin is. A crying shame when a woman has to stoop to date rape drugs to have sex or is it because the men belong to her sister? It makes me happy reading your story.
10/29/2013 c12 me
Lovely and unexpected update soon u are quite a writer
10/29/2013 c12 MerryMayHam
I did not see that coming. I knew Robin was going to be trouble but not like that, shocker. Your chapters are fine and I like not being left in the dark. Thanks, looking toward the next stop, Israel.
10/27/2013 c10 14Taliahah
This is so charming and the ghost tour is perfect for a near-to-Halloween chapter! Thanks so much for continuing and updating! And glad to hear you have a chapter in reserve - because I know you'll write to reach that one!
10/26/2013 c11 me
U are so incredible. Your insights of the charscters sre so good. Everythings is exacly what i want read. Thx snd i sm looking for next chapter to be soooon.. thx for your time
10/25/2013 c11 13kay.hayden
Oh yes, perfect chapter and love the date night Annie had planned for them. The vision of tall Eyal and petite Sharon dancing to hot Latin music was great. Can't wait for the next round of the A-Team and see how Robin reacts to Eyal - could get messy.
10/20/2013 c10 MerryMayHam
What a clever idea for a date being a late night ghost walk. I was on one in New Orleans one time and loved it, so spooky. Eyal is really turning on the charm with Sharon, maybe being on the rebound from knowing he will never have Annie. Getting a big kick out of reading your story :) Thanks much.
10/20/2013 c10 4Sugar Stars at Night
Okay, you have successfully left us hanging, wanting to know if Andy and Eyal are safe. I am sure they are but can Eyal take any more injuries to his already batter body. Also, didn't think I would but I'm starting to warm-up to the Sharon and Eyal match up. Keep going I love this mixture of danger and romance.
10/20/2013 c9 14Taliahah
Love the Little Prince quotes but not sure if Eyal would even ever ask Annie or Sharon to "tame him". Great response from Sharon!
10/9/2013 c9 13kay.hayden
Mission well done. I love the fact it went without a Rambo, guns blazing effect. At times I believe TV over works the action scenes when the same can be accomplish with smart covert thinking like your A-Team. Also have to agree with Sharon, I think the only woman that can come close to honestly hold Eyal's heart is Annie, to me they are the end-game.
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