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for Kismet - Fate or Destiny

10/8/2013 c8 14Taliahah
Well, other than privately believing that the only pairing that makes sense is Eyal and Annie, I am thoroughly enjoying this! Like that you brought in Rossabi. There's always been a spark between him and Annie as well, wonder if that is what you are setting up? Hm.
10/7/2013 c8 Patsy
Ok Annie and Eyal had their heart to heart and for me it was a sad. There is so much chemistry between Annie/Eyal I can't believe they are not together. I'm liking Sharon but she is a little to tomboyish to fit Eyal's sophisticated life style, he may find her intriguing for a while but gee I don't know, for me it is not jelling. Maybe her seeing Eyal and Annie hug might put Sharon on guard or might tone down her teasing. She has periods of sounding like being a loose cannon and boast a lot. Your story is fascinating and writing about Eyal's love life can be challenging so please keep writing, I really want to see where you take Eyal on his trip of emotions, the man with total control.
10/4/2013 c7 4Sugar Stars at Night
Hide behind the truth. I love Eyal's thinking and where you are taking his love life. Keep going so I can keep enjoying.
10/4/2013 c7 Guest
So they are going to play their affair for real in front of Annie and Auggie. I really wonder how Annie will feel about Eyal being with another woman, I still think she had deeper feelings for him than she wants to admit.
10/2/2013 c1 me
Like it
10/2/2013 c6 Sugar Stars at Night
Tender moment for Sharon and Eyal. They may have called it lust but I'm sure there is much more to come. Thanks for quickly updating your story.
10/2/2013 c6 Readalot
Nice turn on Sharon file and the ties she has to Eyal's family. So they got it on and that was a surprise. Love your story .
10/1/2013 c5 MerryMayHam
Eyal as the leader of a spy team is out of this world super great. The man had been such a loner. Love your new character Sharon and her spunk. Please update soon :)
10/1/2013 c5 14Taliahah
You are rocking and rolling now! Hope for more soon.
9/30/2013 c5 Ruthie
I like you way of thinking and giving Eyal a lady friend he finds intriguing. Still don't know what is in her file so please update soon. Eyal may be dreading it but I want to know.
9/29/2013 c4 4Sugar Stars at Night
Up early with a cup of coffee and your superb story. What a way to start my day. Thanks for sharing and wanting to know what's in her file.
9/28/2013 c4 Patsy
Can't wait to see how they all work together with Eyal as leader and bet Annie gives him the hardest time. Looking for the next chapter soon ;)
9/27/2013 c4 13kay.hayden
Truly a good reading story and I'm enjoying it. You have brought together outside characters in an intriguing way to add depth and various levels to your story. I love your idea of an A-Team with three of the world's finest agencies involved and Eyal as leader. Waiting for your next posting with anticipation of what is in Sharon's file.
9/27/2013 c4 14Taliahah
Glad you're continuing !
9/26/2013 c1 MerryMayHam
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