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9/2 c1 86BnB
Veri n1c3LAxst0rizH
8/9 c15 Joyfox7
Je Te Pardonne playing with Tenel and Jacen singing...
8/9 c14 Joyfox7
JACEN! why.. why... *sob...wail... moan*
8/9 c13 Joyfox7
Don't Tahiri... just...
8/9 c12 Joyfox7
Kyp is an angel.
8/9 c11 Joyfox7
Alema is a brat and you are awesome for writing this book.
8/9 c10 Joyfox7
I.. have no idea what to say...( ' ') :)
8/9 c9 Joyfox7
Tahiri, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (sob sob *sniff*)
8/9 c8 Joyfox7
I enjoyed that chapter alot! if you like that kind of stuff you should read The Last Hope by Erin Hunter!
8/9 c7 Joyfox7
There is so much emotion between Anakin and Tahiri... I'm gonna cry it's so amazing!
8/9 c6 Joyfox7
so beautiful!
8/9 c5 Joyfox7
Classic Jekyll and Hyde!
8/9 c3 Joyfox7
Anakin and Tahiri are so cute together!
8/9 c1 Joyfox7
I wish I had a sibling like Anakin or Jacen...(sigh)
2/2 c4 Guest
Why do you put friend jaina and not jaina?
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