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12/19/2013 c73 Logicalnonsense
Most likely rebirth. Leo even said see you later, so ya I mean that could mean when they eventually die and go to Elysium but most likely it will be rebirth. Logically speaking
12/19/2013 c73 Guest
Then rebirth
12/19/2013 c73 vive la void
I don't want it to eeeend! NONONONONONONO! Please, your making my emotions go crazy!
12/19/2013 c73 sorrydeletingthis
Rebirth right?
12/19/2013 c73 Mila-is-a-bookworm-101
I think Elysium but, in my opinion, there will be a twist at the end and even though they might be completely different people they will choose Rebirth. Also, I can just imagine them after Rebirth; they meet and they feel like they know each other.
12/18/2013 c72 5XxSoldierOfGodxX
Good book! It was great!
12/16/2013 c72 Mila-is-a-bookworm-101
I like that name too!
12/16/2013 c72 sorrydeletingthis
So nice, this is perfect!
12/13/2013 c71 Fantasia1940
Omg I can. Wait until the ending! Wait, no I can't because that'll mean the story's over! But I want to see how it'll end! Gah, I have mixed feelings... ( - :
12/11/2013 c71 Guest
Please update soon!
12/10/2013 c71 Epicator 13
you r amazing! can't wait for this twist your talking about! see ya!
12/9/2013 c71 AnnabethChase23
ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME WITH THE CUTENESS OF THIS? Seriously though, it's amazing! Leo seems a little OOC. But that's ok. I love it
12/9/2013 c71 sorrydeletingthis
Yay Lenelope!
12/9/2013 c71 Mila-is-a-bookworm-101
Yes! Lenelope shall prevail! Funny how my phone autocorrects Penelope to Lenelope!
12/8/2013 c2 Guest
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