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8/26 c13 BrentNewland
Please please continue
8/26 c12 BrentNewland
So very good
8/26 c11 BrentNewland
Hoping for more
8/26 c10 BrentNewland
I'm loving it
8/26 c9 BrentNewland
8/26 c8 BrentNewland
Weird you put the end at the end of each chapter
8/26 c7 BrentNewland
Great but Daniel is too heavy handed.
8/26 c4 BrentNewland
Love it
8/26 c6 BrentNewland
8/25 c5 BrentNewland
Please continue
8/25 c3 BrentNewland
I love it
8/25 c2 BrentNewland
Great story minor spelling issues
8/25 c1 BrentNewland
Love this story
2/13/2019 c14 BrentNewland
This is one of the few Stargate/Star Wars crossovers, and it's pretty good. I do hope you'll come finish it one day.
9/4/2018 c14 3Sefera
Well that was interesting. I'm favoriting this, and I look forward to more just incase you ever choose to continue it, but that choice is up to you. I'm just scratching an itch on the SG/SW crossover idea. I noticed the bad grammar but I've read far, far worse, so it's fine. I'd probably recommend proofreading your work in the future. But it was a good consept all the same. It was surely readable, which is better than some I've seen.
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