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7/24/2020 c14 KvAT
I really like this, an honsetly amazing piece of work. I like how our protagonist isn't too much of a Gary-Stu, but at the same time somewhat relatable, barely. I particularly like how rational and analytic he is; and he stayed cautious while slowly trying to adapt.

I'm gonna be honest with you; I really like the overall "surviving, mending, and re-mending friendships" theme. Explosive adventures never really sit right with me unless it's worded in such a way that it is interesting to not only plow through the story, but also analyze how it will continue, preferrably along with the characters inside it (Tales of the Oppressed did this beautifully). Even then, the whole "your friendship is partly based off your magic" thing really hurts. Don't get me wrong, it IS a great problem that goes along naturally with the theme, and I am... was really intrigued with it. But looking forward, it will be really hard to weave through and make a coherently satisfying story based off of it. And it also seems like this is the problem why you're stopping this particular one, as you know it yourself that it will be really hard to pull this one through. But hey, I can see several ways it would work, the big picture at least.

But please, if you are still around, would you reconsider continuing the story?
7/24/2020 c9 KvAT
Jesus H fucking damn, 3 years is a long long time
7/23/2020 c1 KvAT
I usually got turned off by a nothing-to-lose type of guy that accepts just too quickly but for some reason I'm not put off by your character. Pretty well written, I might stick around to see where this lets off.
7/22/2020 c5 1Lightningbolt1423
blood samples,skin scraping and hair samples
Jesus Christ it's like she wants to clone him
2/23/2016 c14 1Kocainum
One of the best built up drama scenes i've read in a while! Wow, this just got 1000x better and so much more awesomely complicated... It makes sense why it may have been abandoned now...
Unless home life got super rough unexpectedly, sorry in that's the case :(

Oh well. On the bright side, if RD decides to abandon him, at least he can go back to vinyl... And then dash will feel guilty, more drama and they end up sharing him lol idk... im kinda 50/50 when it comes to mlp's with shared relationships. Most of me says it diminishes the bond between both, making it a poor idea. The other half says it makes every one included happier, but in the end does it really? Probably not as happy as a truly normal 1v1 relationship. Feels like i'm trying to find nonexistent excuses to reason for three-way...

I thoroughly enjoyed the story anyhow, its among the highest tier of quality on FF and its so hard to find quality authors with dash related oc stories anymore since i've read nearly all of them already... :(


Only two big things that got me frustrated though, both controversial and opinionated but I wanted to mention anyway.
-(though its not toward you as an author personally, i do enjoy your writing 99% of the time and hope you continue{please understand its nothing personal})-

Mentioning how earth can not function with so many people, even though the entire planets population of 7 billion could fit in the the state of florida or side by side in the city of jacksonville apparently.
As far as food shortages go, if only like 1 in 50 people owned at least a small micro farm, the world would have way more than enough food...

The other issue had to do with the mention of the cdc being the reason health is so well managed...
wow, yeah more mainstream media propaganda. 'vaccines are apparently our savior in regard to physical well being from virus's, bacteria, etc...'
Even though that organization is pure evil and creates every single synthetic virus to begin with, and then secretly injects mercury toxins into our bodies with out our consent...

Not that any one indoctrinated otherwise would believe that. Nope, just be good little slaves and take the needle with countless cancer toxins, mercury and synthetic chemicals to slowly destroy the immune system beyond repair so be come so sickly dependent upon drugs and gov healthcare.

The human body is a miracle on its own, able to repair itself when continuously flooded with the correct micro-nutrients from clean organic fruitvegetables. Re-Alkanizing.

Needing drugs and synthetic injections are complete lies that sprung up in the last 80 or so years.
(i know we live longer than back in the day but their is more to the story than gaining an average of 35 years to life expectancy.)

If that's not enough, cancer and countless other diseases stemming from an acidic body can be reversed immediately through alkalizing the blood further.
Liposomal vitamin C, nano colloidal silver, ionized water are just a few of the big ones. Used together with green juicing, it becomes nearly impossible for any natural pathogen/cancer to take root or continue to feed off the host.

Synthetic pathogens though, like those that the cdc have created and are continuing to create so we become dependent upon them for a synthetic cure are the serious issue...

-sorry for the rant, i know it sounds offensive, apologies, but its aimed toward msm lies, not entirely the author or his beliefs, i recognize that if that's all we ever hear growing up, we don't know sny better(i was the same).
They don't want us to know better or find the truth. gov's billion dollar healthcare system makes no money on healthy, healed people. They want us sick and dependent on drugs that never fix the source of the problem... Its just depressing to hear talk about blatant lies from the gov, when truth is readily available all over, hidden in plain sight-

Anyway, yeah sorry for that but its only because i care, and want to let people know there is hope and better alternative.

Hope you'll come back to this master piece story though. Like i said, doesn't have to be long chapters, they help a bunch but are not a necessity.

It is so difficult to find real quality writing and story ideas anymore. This just got amazingly interesting with the mind manipulation factored in. :p

Take care!
2/23/2016 c13 Kocainum
Yeah, this chapter was definitely packed with everything i could have hoped for. So grateful it came before the end.

Dash and Jay are basically together without even admitting to it... And Vinyl is back to snuggle territory :)

Yay to the max xD
2/23/2016 c12 Kocainum
Cool, he got the job! I can already imagine the endless possible drama that will arise from such a line of work. Though im glad it was massage therapy and not something else . It makes the most sense almost every time :)

Sad for the short chap but it was still top quality as usual xD
2/23/2016 c11 Kocainum
Damn, another good chapter. But only 3 left?! An there getting shorter. :( super sad day! Im worried that his relationship with dash won't get to where i was hoping it would before the end of 14...

I'm all for making relationships a slow and very gradual thing, as it adds immense depth to the characters but I hope something happens soon. Doesn't have to be huge, just something xD
2/23/2016 c10 Kocainum
Sweet! Glad it didn't take the full 3 years... That might have been a tad overkill. lol
2/23/2016 c9 Kocainum
This was great! What an unexpected union and wild idea to train inside an alternate synthetic pocket dimension thingy! I actually really like shudder's personality, glad its working out!
2/23/2016 c8 Kocainum
Im loving this more and more!
Can't believe 50 chapters were planned but only got to 14 :( If any story deserved to be finished it would be this one. I haven't read such detailed quality since "tales of the oppressed"

Kick ass!
2/22/2016 c7 Kocainum
Oh joy, i was thoroughly hoping for this! I love bonding moments between the Princesses and OC!

This is so awesome! I'm going to keep saying this even if its sounds like broke record... The quality and maturity of writing in the story is WAY above average! Like beyond college level...
How can people not notice this and not give credit where deserved?!

Makes me so happy having found this story. I knew if i searched long enough i would find some undiscovered talent. And it really paid off.
2/22/2016 c6 Kocainum
Its so difficult to find high qualities authors like this since it seems I've already read most of the good ones...
Another great chapter!

Only thing I found for correction-
"You see, you are are the queen piece"
2/22/2016 c5 Kocainum
I'm so happy for this! That was one of the best quality fluff scenes i've read in a long time. Dash is awesome and I love the way you've made her personality!
Totally amazing quality as usual!

Jeez, I cant understand why a story this good was abandoned... Nor why it has so few reviews... So many stories have kindergarten grammar with like 100 reviews...
WTF is up with that?! Idk, but it pisses me off because this deserves at least triple of what its at.

Maybe the main idea could be seen a little over used.
But by the sheer quality of the story, the detail and workmanship put into the characters and their interactions makes it beyond worth while.

I honestly cant get enough of just seeing how you portray the interactions between them, especially RD... xD

Hope you will consider coming back to this story, even if its with very small chapter additions :)
2/22/2016 c4 Kocainum
Dayum! Vinyl drama to the max! I love it!
Hope it works out between them!

Oh and whats up with Jay? He got angry and invoked dark magic or something? lol. Cant imagine why else Twilight would knock him out... Bet hes gunna wake up in a cage :p
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