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for The Gryffindor Heirs

4/1/2003 c9 Irina
Oh my god. this is such an emotional story. (a little wrong I mean the naughty stuff)Please write more!
2/1/2003 c9 Analysistic
Great story. Interesting plot. Keep writing.
1/25/2003 c9 pink-crane
I love this story. However, I can't believe that you only have about 28 reviews. I hope that you will contuine with the story and finish it. I'm really loveing it. Esp. the relationship between Lilly, James, and Sirius. I hope that you will put up another chapter for this story.

Peace and Love,

12/17/2002 c1 lilith moon goddess
hello this is a really good story but would you please add another chapter
12/7/2002 c9 kerry
ahhh! you have to update! im going insane! pleasE?

11/22/2002 c8 J. Kay
so james and sirius are both lily's boyfriend? or only james...?
10/17/2002 c9 Lady Prongs
This is soo cool. I want more! What's going to happen next?
10/11/2002 c9 1keyann
wow - i like, i love...=D theres nothing that i can say that i havent said before, but i can say - KEEP GOING! teehehe =D

10/9/2002 c2 keyann
/wails\\ you need to update! =) teehehehe im done...but puh-puh-puh-leaze! /sad puppy face\\ for me? lol ok im out...

10/6/2002 c1 keyann
pretty soon im gonna run out of chapters to leave reviews on! gahh this story is so good! /smiles\\ hehehe well - whenever you get a good idea - WRITE! im always checking -lol- and i get sad when i see nothing new! -lol-

well...keep writing!

10/4/2002 c8 keyann
gahh - this is so good! now, how many times have i said that in past reviews? not gonna count, too many. its a GOOD STORY. KEEP WRITING OR ILL CRY! lol

10/3/2002 c8 25The Red Dragons Order
Sorry for not reviewing the last chapter(s). Anyways, wonderful chapter; both htis and the other one. Keep it up and update soon. Cya!
10/2/2002 c8 5dancincheerchik
Ok I must say that in the beginning I REALLY REALLY liked this stour. Now I don't really like it. Your going off of other people stories that I HATE. Yours was diffrent. I think you should go back to the protection angle and not the Harry or Godric, which i really don't understand. PLEASE DO THIS. I want to continue to read this fan fic.
9/30/2002 c4 1keyann
lol - i had to go back chapters so i could need to update! im going insane! lol - well update cuz ive fallen in love! lol

9/27/2002 c7 4Pickle Princess
Hey! that was superly excellentay! heehee, sry, sugar talkin... but that was really good! write more! I am liking the plot so far! write more soon!

luv ya

~the pickle~
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