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for The Gryffindor Heirs

9/27/2002 c7 1keyann
ahhhh! this is so good! its not fair! daah! keep writing! =)

9/26/2002 c6 PrincesaSarcastica
I love the new chapter...can't wait till the next one..update soon plzzzzzzzzz...hehehe okay anyways. bye bye

9/26/2002 c6 keyann
i feel special - you wrote because of me! well THANK YOU sooo much! its a REALLY GOOD story, but i've already said that before..=) KEEP WRITING! =)

9/26/2002 c6 25The Red Dragons Order
Nice. Keep it up and update soon. Cya!
9/25/2002 c5 1keyann
ahh - if i cant write another review its because i cancled my FF thing because i refuse to pay! =) but PPPPPLLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEEEE keep writing - i ABSOLUTLY LOVE this story - its REALLY REALLY REALLY good - so if you ever go back and you see that im not an author anymore...and you ever want to get in contact with me - my email is PUH-PUH-PUH-PLEASE keep writing, i LOVE this story - its really really good! =)

9/24/2002 c1 Vampira1
Hey Great story pleaase keep updating it is great !
9/24/2002 c5 PrincesaSarcastica
I love your story...cant wait to read more...can you plz email me when you update...thanx..

9/23/2002 c5 25The Red Dragons Order
Wonderful! Update soon. Cya!
9/20/2002 c4 random letters
i just had to reveiw again-i love it!(even more than last time) update soon please ;)

-random letters

p.s.i updated mine too if you want to read it
9/20/2002 c4 The Red Dragons Order
Wonderful. Keep it up and update soon. Cya!
9/18/2002 c3 1ginny5
goooooooooood...keep it up
9/18/2002 c3 25The Red Dragons Order
I like it! Keep it up and update soon. Cya!
9/16/2002 c1 3Winged Goddess
Very Nice, can't wait till the next chapter...

~*Winged Goddess*~
9/16/2002 c1 random letters
Hey, i want friends like those guys! great so far-update!


read and reveiw my story-Time Flies (a lily and james story)
9/16/2002 c1 5CatalinaRose
This is an awsome begining and I can't wait to see more. It is hard to read however. Have you tried saving your documents as webpages? Good luck on your future endevors

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