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9/5/2021 c8 DetectiveMaggieDimples
Hi. I'm leaving this here in ch8 because won't let me put two comments on the same chapter, which I find fucking stupid, but I wanted to say this. I was rereading and I just wanted you to know that I'm always going to be interested in this story (and I'm not the only one seeing the other reviews). Please if you ever want to write more, never think it's not worth continuing even after some time because people would have lost interest, if you ever update I will be jumping from excitement
3/30/2021 c9 Anthropie
If you still read comment here I want to tell you that your story is amazing. An even if i am not that good in english, read this was a wonderful moment. If one day you publish an other chapter, I'll be sure to be here for read it. Thank you.
12/26/2020 c9 DetectiveMaggieDimples


I understand. Just please know that if you ever decide to pick this up again, you would make at least one person REALLY happy :)
8/7/2019 c9 1kxllerqueen
I hope you still here, as you say before. When I saw "suspended" I take the risk of read another history without an ending, but I never thought something like this. I'm about to cry with that last chapter, and I really understand your position, I respect it, but, as a reader, I can't not wait for you to follow this, at least with a last chapter saying if Caitlyn made it, or if she doesn't. I hope you're fine now, and I'm gonna follow this history just in case you come back and make this wish come true. I hope that. Good luck on your life and thanks for this awesome point of view of this shipp. Was really cool. Xoxo
5/24/2018 c9 5Lesbi-Elsa
Wow I kinda hate you guys. But life happens I suppose. Ah well.
5/24/2018 c7 Lesbi-Elsa
Yeah, no. If Cait had just let go of the cat it would definitely not have run to its owner. It's a cat, not a dog, it would've bolted the second Cupcake loosened her grip. Trust me, I know from experience. Cute scene though.
5/24/2018 c6 Lesbi-Elsa
I liked what you did there, with how Cupcake and Vi where thinking the same thing. Pretty nice.
3/23/2018 c1 Guest
11/15/2017 c1 1Terrian10
Though I'm a little heart broken that this story has not been updated for close to 4 years now I still love what I read the story are one of the few i truly enjoyed I hope that one day you will look back to this story. I understand the feeling when the your stuck on a chapter how you know you can improve it and the thought you put behind these chapters and I thank you for that.
10/29/2017 c9 1Secret3
Can you come back please?
I just want to see cupcake and Vi happy
5/30/2017 c9 Jazargg
Hey, I was wondering will you be back anytime ? its been forever...
1/13/2017 c9 5Peachyclean
I'm defo not crying over this :') Thank you, it's a wonderful story, I really want to know what happens and I'm guessing it's too late but I hope everything is okay :) well done
4/6/2016 c1 Shetumbledtomyheart
The story was really something. I know it is hard but omg the fight in the end going back and forth. Lol wtf man you can't just go to a movie and when the best fighting scene comes up you turn off the movie en tell us to leave the theatre? You have no right to do that XD. I really like it and I hope we hear from you again
2/26/2016 c9 StoryMustGo On
I hate you.

But at the same time love you 3
1/26/2016 c9 Guest
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