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6/17/2014 c19 Guest
I love this story, I really hope that Natasha doesn't leave for London, like you I am a big Clintasha fan! I adore them! Would you send me a next part on tumblr? The name is sopiekburruss! Love the story!
6/16/2014 c19 Shelby
I'm so glad you updated so fast and I'm glad it was today. I really needed to read this before I had to go to bed, haha. I loved this chapter as well and I loved the ending, it was just... I don't know, something about it made me love it. I'm also glad that Natasha is okay and I'm really nervous at whats gonna happen if her mom gets the job. Cant wait for next chapter!
6/18/2014 c19 18kali rogers
well..now i can be calm, thanks she's okay... i hope she doesn't move.
the last part was great...yeah clint i single ;)
6/17/2014 c19 4hopelessromantic1599
PLEASE NAT CAN"T MOVE! Long distance relationships don't work we all know that!
6/15/2014 c18 crazycanoodles
YESHHHHHH. You finally updated yay! I am a little upset at the cliff but I know it'll turn out good in the end so I'm excited haha. I enjoyed it and I hope you update soon. :)
6/17/2014 c19 7DementedOutcast
I really like this story and I'm hoping you can post another chapter before you leave.
6/17/2014 c19 Nat Romanoff
i love the last part please update soon i really want to read the next chapter an WHEN CLINT AND NAT ARE GOING TO BE TOGETHER
6/17/2014 c19 3WhispersOfWings
Absolutely loved this chapter. I wonder how Clint will react when he finds out that Natasha might be going to live in London? This story Is amazing I can't wait for you to update !
6/17/2014 c19 shanapaige
Love it!
6/17/2014 c19 29Sparky She-Demon
Nice update, I liked it a lot. My favorite part was them just sitting out on the fire escape. Good work.

Hey will a certain blue eyed prankster show up before the trip? ;)
6/17/2014 c19 15Precious93
Geez Nat is stubborn
6/15/2014 c1 Guest
What is with you and hitting characters with cars? Honestly
6/17/2014 c19 soccerstar0198
When you look at it, poor Clint has to spend a lot of time at the hospital but he's never the one hurt. With every chapter I seem to be getting more invested in the story, it's that good! Please update soon!
6/17/2014 c19 28Miraichaos
:D you should give us cliffhangers it would give readers something to thing about while you aren't updating. Yes I'm evil but in my opinion cliffhangers are the best
6/17/2014 c19 7TheGirlWithTheAngelMask
so much tension ! im dying here
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