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11/3/2014 c24 Chloee0x0
Sneak peak? *wink**wink*
10/27/2014 c24 Olive
Aww, this is so cute and definitely worth the wait. Can't wait for the next update.
10/26/2014 c24 Guest
I'm glad you're back! I've missed this story for quite a while now. Once again, their relationship is really adorable!
10/28/2014 c24 soccerstar0198
Hope everything's going well for you! I'm so happy you've updated, this is literally one of my favorite stories EVER. Such a great chapter!
10/28/2014 c24 sailorraven34
Just read this whole entire story :) and I love it! Hope you update soon.
10/25/2014 c24 Guest
Glad your back! I love the story :)... and don't worry take your time :)
10/27/2014 c24 29Sparky She-Demon
I too want to play laser tag. It appears to be quite fun.

I loved how Clint's mom helped him figure out what he was going to do for the date. Mrs. Barton in for the save!

Also, I'm still looking forward to seeing a certain dark haired, green eyed, mischief maker around in the story! ;)

Good job, this was well worth the wait. And I'm sure that the next chapter will be worth it too! :)
10/27/2014 c24 3ziverdavid1112
I love this story so much! I don't really like AUs but yours was totally worth reading. Good luck with college apps, and I totally understand. However, please do update when you can :)
10/26/2014 c24 shanapaige
Amazing as always
10/25/2014 c24 13just.an.avengers.fan
Oh, I can't believe how much I missed this story. Glad you're back. :D
I loved their moms and Clint's date. He was so cute.
Good luck on your applications.
10/25/2014 c24 Nat Romanoff
Oh i love it so so much i really do please i want thw sneak peack please i realle want to know what happend
10/25/2014 c24 fezwearingjellybananas
No, no, no, don't feel bad. Writing fan fic's your hobby, if you had other things going on then fair's fair.

But, great chapter.
10/25/2014 c24 52so-lovely-and-i
Yay it's back!
Ha laser tag is such a perfect first date, awesome!
10/25/2014 c24 The21stquinn
Aww! This is definitely one of the best chapters! Cant wait for the next one!
10/25/2014 c24 1Draco's Favorite Witch
I love your story!
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