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5/31/2022 c8 12Clinio
A fic with really good and touching moments.
Too bad it's unfinished
5/30/2022 c4 Clinio
5/30/2022 c3 Clinio
Nice chapter
1/2/2022 c8 29reallybeth
bill is one of my favorite weasleys! love bro talks
1/2/2022 c7 reallybeth
loved this! everyone knows lol
1/2/2022 c6 reallybeth
oh fred! :(

the twins can be bothersome, but at the end of the day they really do care :)
1/2/2022 c5 reallybeth
poor hermione! i couldnt imagine! but i love the headcanon that the grangers love ron
1/2/2022 c4 reallybeth
ginny is always the voice of reason!

and the
1/2/2022 c3 reallybeth
aww neville! he's so sweet!
1/2/2022 c2 reallybeth
oh molly!

mother knows best, and it was so sweet!

ron is so blind rn, but he gets it right in the end of course :)
1/2/2022 c1 reallybeth
go parvati!
11/7/2021 c8 Bluerain22
Beautiful! All these moments have been some of the best I’ve read! Thank you so much for sharing!
11/7/2021 c7 Bluerain22
Crying with a big smile on my face, this chapter, so good!
11/7/2021 c6 Bluerain22
Crying so hard! Aww, Fred. Aww, what an amazing scene. So well done!
11/7/2021 c5 Bluerain22
Such a beautiful father daughter moment!
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