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1/14/2016 c1 3Alina of the Valley
Great story!
11/3/2014 c1 Rhengrun
Did you know there's a position similar to doggy style called Froggy Style? Ohonhonhon
4/9/2014 c1 1SyllableSpoon
omigawd russia XDD Im not i big of RusAme but russia wtf - XD
3/1/2014 c1 39Bluejay Blaze
Ksesesesesesesese! That's right! We Canadians are polite in public, but in our own homes we are tough, dominant and can be kinky as Hell. Prussia should be honoured to become one with my home and native land.
1/20/2014 c1 Super Shadow21
AHAHAHAHAHA! *whips away tears* wow just wow. I thought I was random, but then I read this... It was awesome! Not as awesome as Prussia, but still awesome!
11/26/2013 c1 15yukikosnow139
So funny! Favorite part:
"I want to see the blood.", Russia insisted, pushing his ear up against the door.

"Ivan, you are a moron-", America started.



"...Lets go back to our hotel room, yes?", Russia smiled, grabbing America's wrist and dragging him off.
I laughed so hard I was coughing!
9/28/2013 c1 Guest
Best thing ever! Oh god that last part though XD and YAY FOR DOMINANT MATTIE!
9/26/2013 c1 Dee
Lol XD I really liked this

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