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3/22 c34 thepictureof
I just discovered this fic and omg it’s so good! the stefonnie “spell” twist was intense, but also I was picking up on all of the warning signs like “uhh this relationship isn’t healthy anymore ...” lol

elena is so annoying and self-obsessed (what else is new), and i love that everyone is calling her out on it. bonnie-centric fics are the best, so thank you for writing a great one! i’m super excited to see what comes next :’)
3/19 c34 rainey444
i'm honestly so grateful for your existence. i haven't been able to stop reading this fic! your writing style is beautiful and captivating and i never really liked any stefan/bonnie stories until this perfect one. i can't wait to see what happens next!
2/13 c34 CastleIsInMyBones
I loved this! I know I've basically said this in every review but I really did enjoy the chapter a lot. Elena is pissing me off as expected and I'm still worried about Stefan but I loved the idea of Bonnie and Damon just having a fun night. Maybe it's because I don't even know when we'll have the luxury of going paintballing as normal again. Would be great to see more Caroline and Stefan moments where she's trying to get through to him or where he has moments of clarity of the situation. Thanks so much for updating and I look forward to the next one!
2/13 c33 CastleIsInMyBones
Wow wow wow. I'm a mess - I don't know what I want anymore. Stefonnie or Bamon?! It's acc too difficult for me to decide. I'm honestly just going to run with what you want because you've written both of these romances so amazingly. Can't believe I'm already moving on to the last chapter
2/13 c27 CastleIsInMyBones
Oooo this is an interesting twist, I was starting to think that they were going at it a bit too much. Like it was enjoyable to read but to physically be doing that all the time, the pain must be excruciating. I'm so curious to know what's going on between the two of them
2/13 c25 CastleIsInMyBones
Gosh I'm sooo torn. I know I want Stefan and Bonnie to be together, that's for certain. And I'm loving this Damon putting aside his feelings so that Stefan and Bonnie can be happy. It's lovely and finally Damon's not putting himself first. But gosh I just want Damon and Bonnie to have one passionate night without any consequences or any one knowing ffs. I know that can't work but still looool
2/12 c21 CastleIsInMyBones
What a dumb move from Elena. No idea how she didn't think she would get caught! It literally takes one conversation
2/12 c19 CastleIsInMyBones
BEST CHAPTER YET! Let's knock Elena down a few more pegs
2/12 c18 CastleIsInMyBones
Love love loving this! Stefan and Bonnie happy, Damon realising that all the world's secrets aren't between Elena's thighs, Caroline found Miss Cuddles - it's a good time!
2/11 c12 CastleIsInMyBones
I woke up early just to continue reading this before work! OMG it's getting even better. I'd like to think it was Stefan in the bathroom (even tho it's such a Damon thing to do) and that the dream was acc vague on her end because in her mind she wanted to be either one of them. I'm loving the Damon realising his attraction to Bonnie dynamic, but I have to say, my Stefan loving heart wants him to get the girl! Can't wait to read what happens next
2/11 c7 CastleIsInMyBones
Oooooo plot twist, I love it. Stefan and Damon fighting over the same girl AGAIN? They're 1 for 1 right now, I wonder who gets the girl this time! Loving this fic
2/8 c20 Guest
Elena...this fcking b*tch. Can she just go somewhere?
1/30 c14 4fleurmore
im in love with your writing
1/17 c34 Moka De Ana
I have reread this story for the third time today and wow, I never get bored with your writing or the story this is mad talent you have and I thank you for sharing it with us I hope you would update the story soon and honestly at this point I'm not only reading because of stefonnie or bamon but also to enjoy your way of telling the plot thanks again
1/6 c34 Love Bonnie n St
Love Bonnie And Stefan... They are match made in heaven I hope whatever magic or spell that she accidentally casted is lifted but I do love ripper Stefan..
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