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1/17 c34 Moka De Ana
I have reread this story for the third time today and wow, I never get bored with your writing or the story this is mad talent you have and I thank you for sharing it with us I hope you would update the story soon and honestly at this point I'm not only reading because of stefonnie or bamon but also to enjoy your way of telling the plot thanks again
1/6 c34 Love Bonnie n St
Love Bonnie And Stefan... They are match made in heaven I hope whatever magic or spell that she accidentally casted is lifted but I do love ripper Stefan..
12/4/2020 c27 cherryhair
I was legit just thinking that I was getting worried aboit their over obsession to only seem to have sex and need to be next to eachother and then BOOM we find out something isnquite right.
I really do hope it all isn't fake or wrong though
12/4/2020 c12 cherryhair
bonnie said she was winning the bet no what, if or ands about it. I love the theatrics of it so much.
I am totally hoping it was stefan at the end at least in the dream but not the one watching her.
12/4/2020 c9 cherryhair
man, I love caroline so much she is legit my favorite character after bonnie. she had such good character growth and was so good but they under utilized her. she so good to bonnie and I love that about her.
12/3/2020 c5 cherryhair
that's right bonnie. she has the situation handled and I am glad. confidence is working wonders
12/3/2020 c2 cherryhair
omg I am loving this 'lesson in confidence' she totally needs this and I am glad she gets wined and dined while she learns it
11/20/2020 c1 ML
Gobbled this story up in days - please finish! You're a great writer and this is easily my fav Bonnie fanfic thus far!
10/25/2020 c34 Guest
Hi, I just found this story! I'm not normally into Bonnie and Stefan as anything more than friends, but it sucked me in! I'd be a fan of Bamon endgame just because his love for Bonnie is so sweet in this story. And it seemed to be mostly lust on Stefan's side even before the magic mishap. I hope you'll get a chance to update soon!
10/19/2020 c34 16VKW
I can't believe I didn't see this chapter yet! First off, screw that rando who obviously barely read the fic and wanted you to write whatever fluff fic they're too lazy to write themselves.

Second and, more importantly: great chapter as always! I'm usually a Bamon shipper (which is why I read everything you write...), but this is my favorite Stefonnie fic. I think the Ripper-merge arc is so interesting because Stefan being a charming prince forever was never going to hold up, considering how strongly he feels about Bonnie, and yet the fact that Bonnie's addicted right along side with him takes this beyond his regular Ripper issues - it's very creative. Fantastic Damon pining/Bamon relationship building as always - I love when she gets to impress him.

I think for me, this chapter was particularly notable for Caroline's presence. I appreciate how you're writing that even in Stefan's currently magic-addled mind, Caroline is the one person, other than Bonnie, he still maintains some sympathy for, considering not only their closeness usually but the fact that unlike Elena and Damon as he perceives them, she really does prioritize him first (which I also think you've spelled out very strongly in her musing about Stefan v. Tyler). I am intrigued to see how Elena might react to that, if that relationship has any turns about hit it, or if it just remains this special but quiet relationship for both of them.
9/26/2020 c34 1Shrilaraune
I'm so glad you continued this! More please! It's nice to see Bonnie being a bit of her usual self. I love e how you explore Stefan's relationships too!
9/25/2020 c34 K
Thank you for the update! You are one of my favorite VD authors and it always makes me happy to see a new chapter or reread one of your stories. This is definitely one of my favorite stories and I really enjoyed this chapter.
9/24/2020 c34 It's Lizzy
Loved this chapter! I liked that we got to see a little more laid back bonnie and damon interaction. I really enjoy reading bonnie and damon bounce off each other. Also seeing bonnie be a little bad is always fun! Stefan up to no good like always. Cant say i blame him. Looks like even caroline isnt left unaffected. Cant wait to see how everything plays out. Again GREAT chapter! Thank you so much for updating. I hope you and your loved ones are fairing well. :)
9/23/2020 c34 Regina crane
oops! I meant stephonnie fans should not have problems and should not leave insulting comments...sheesh if its all that they should write their own fanfic.
9/23/2020 c34 Regina crane
Wow! This was a delight to see! I'm glad you had the opportunity to update this fic. I didn't know steroline fans had beef but they should be patient and trust that you will take the story where it needs to go. I guess its just another example of folks not wanting bonnie to have anything..anyhoo..your writing it impeccable, as always. I love the way the relationships /friendships/ obsessions are starting to unfurl...can't wait to see whats instore...thank you for this wonderful update
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