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for Raining Monochrome (OLD)

12/26/2015 c1 Guest
dashie jr
12/20/2015 c6 8CaptainAwsum9999-AdSpace-sama
Funny how you should say you were 12/13 when you wrote this. I was around the same age when I read it. Not 16 yet, but not too long until I am.
But that's besides the point. Even though that story is probably one of the oldest stories in this crossover, I still have a large amount of repsect and appreciation for it. It was actually really good. I still think so. Pretty short, legitimately interesting (the whole Sonic being a brony and RD being a Sonic fan), which I've yet to see anyone do anything similar, and decent grammar, which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of stories I used to see. I don't look around too much anymore, though I hear there's not too many good ones.
Sure, your story may not be quite the best, but boy do I really like it.
Also I like the names you came up with. Also your username. Buttered toast is delicious.
Excuse my wall of appreciative text. Regardless of what you think of this, I've put whatever I felt I had to say.
In any case, good luck!
1/17/2015 c1 Blazer
Will someone please freakin' continue the f##king story!?
12/29/2014 c5 firestorm
sir this angers me to a great degree.u left a cliff hanger to a discontinued story!thats not cool just finish what you started
11/16/2014 c5 Guest
Why hasn't someone continued the story? please continue the story,I wanna find out what happens next! Someone continue the story!
10/15/2014 c5 Coriander the Kitsune
*Funeral songs playing in the distance* I have come here to pay my respects. Jk I just came to party.
10/10/2014 c1 Frutful1
Why did you discontinue this story?
9/28/2014 c5 Guest
can someone please continue?
9/16/2014 c5 Inkwell
Goodbye. Have fun
9/16/2014 c5 CaptainAwsum9999-AdSpace-sama
Dangit, I was so happy to see yet another chapter.
Now my dreams are crushed ;_;
I might check out wattpad. To be honest I'm not terribly fond of making another account for something. :p
I might, considering you are one of my all time favorite authors for making one sweet story.
But whatever you do, good luck!
9/16/2014 c5 oopsimgone
You have a Wattpad?! :o This is my user: SkylerUniverse. :3 Lelelele
9/16/2014 c5 werewolf99
I wish you good luck.
9/16/2014 c4 Guest
how about chapter 6 differences
9/15/2014 c4 Guest
how about chapter 5 early morning wake up call
9/14/2014 c4 Guest
I like the baby names
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