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for Bleach: Death 101

10/25/2014 c4 13creativesm75
1/24/2014 c2 5Amidamaru88
you know you just opened up a can of worms with the different Soul S. right?
ex :
- so do all the races have different Hueco Mondos?
- does the original race of the reapers have their own as well? huge ass squids dressed like samurai and with swords, yeah good luck fighting those things.
- what happens to the races that go extinct? to they still have a S.S? do they stand around all day and to nothing? did they wage one final war with their hueco mondo? did so many become hollows that they destroyed S.S? you could say that they were destroyed and rejoined the cycle of life on a galactic scale and that doing so brings the end of that place, but that means that Javik will be stuck in another race's S.S.
- how do the Quarian soul reapers get to the ships? can they open gates while the ships are moving? do they send a squad for each ship? what about the people on their pilgramage?
- if the other S.S. are connected they should in theory know about the reapers and that their own species end may be at hand if they don't warn the living.
- again curious if all races have their own Hueco M.
- the hanar with swords, priceless
- a volus soul reaper vs a Leviathan soul reaper, the winner fights a yagh as a bonus round, that there is an omake idea worth gold
- do the other races have their own quincys and fullbringers?
- does Cerberus have quincy and fullbringers in their service? heck I can see them experimenting on hollows somehow.
- I guess the racni S.S. can be reborn, but if they all rely on a queen when they reach the afterlife do they switch queens? do racni still become hollows?
- here's hoping you can show who the captains are and the lieutenets, you could have expanded the numbers of squads.
- did Ukitake ever get cured? did S.S. adopt more stuff from the living world? medicine
- to the other S.S. have a similar structure? it seems that way with the turians, Ichigo could probably smack most of the other commanders down.
- I hope you don't make the soul reaper council asses like their counteparts
- I'm curious if salarians talk just as fast when their dead or do they mellow out
- if the different S.S care about what happens in the world of the living then I can see the Krogan and Quarians side going to war with the turians and asari, heck if their dicks they all attack the racni S.S. even though the racni are innocent
- do the geth have their own S.S.?
- what does happen to the souls on space stations far away from civilazation? or on those that are destroyed with people on board? to the souls wander threw space? can the shinogami breath in space? if they can't then the souls that end up in space are fucked, wander for all eternity and such, or until their chaine erodes.
1/24/2014 c3 Adjuster
Well Kasumi Goto is joining shepard early and man it has been awhile since this updated must say it's still a good story hope to see more chapters sooner
1/24/2014 c3 4Krazyfanfiction1
great chapter.
when tekking101 did a livestream a while ago, I tried to hint at the existence of this story.
it didn't work.
should I try again next livestream?

keep up the good work
12/23/2013 c2 1gaara king of the sand
not bad though it could be better but you have time to improve i'm glad to find that bleach and Mass Effect filly have some crossovers even if it's only five i hope you make it so that soul reapers can breath in space i think you should think it possible as they are already dead and remember there are some humans and perhaps species who can see the dead and try not to neglect the Mass Effect universe well till next message bye
12/5/2013 c2 2StoneMountain2040
*shakes head*



It's best I don't say. Either sink or swim for your fic.
11/23/2013 c2 Naruto Aino
I really like this chapter, I love that Ichigo is the new Captain Commander and I love Francesca's character! Can't wait for more!
11/20/2013 c2 GodOfAssassins
Great so far, but no Espadas? I'm sure the ones that survived became good. :)
11/21/2013 c2 dhuari92
Great chapter! Can't wait to read more. :)
11/21/2013 c2 Rythik74
Another good chapter, like how you brought the alien' s version of SS in the story. I hope they don't act like the alliance and bow down to united SS. And like the in - universe mention of the Bleach series in ththe story, it was a nice touch. And you explaination of the squad 101, their duties and HQ and the aftermath of the war. How are the relationship with the quincies and quincies are explained well.

And finally Francesca as character is interesting. Good work.
11/20/2013 c2 BlankSQD101
Love this chapter. Pretty awesome how you combined the Races.
9/23/2013 c1 BlankSQD101
Love this can't wait for more to come.
9/23/2013 c1 Adjuster
I see great potential also if/when shepard dies will he/she become shinigami or will he/she be a living one either way sounds awesome
9/23/2013 c1 Rythik74
Interesting start, i just want to see how you are going to bring these 2 very different universes together in your story and how you are going to portray them in story. Since the Soul reapers and hollows are spirits to ME verse people and the Soul King is comparable to a god to the ME verse aliens.

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