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12/1/2019 c9 sugamochi
can there be more smut
6/11/2016 c17 Lina
Please, make another Cloti story! I loved this one! You are a wonderful writer! :)
6/29/2015 c17 Friend
واواواوا جميل جدا
3/16/2015 c17 Cutiesammyx101
I have now read all of your fanfictions! They were all truly amazing. I'm so glad that I was able to find your page and read all of your astonishing work. You are a really good writer! Thank you so much for finishing all your pieces so I wasn't left without a finished story. Thank you thank you thank you!
2/2/2014 c1 2anya112
I must admit that was a good story. Hopefully there will be more to come.
11/23/2013 c17 1A Born Dreamer
I love this story it was one of the best I have see pairing Cloud and Tifa. I though Reno ling like that was ling of unpredictable . Well he is mysteries person but a bit Childish. But that just makes him who he is . Any way I love how cloud is so emotional like he was in the game before Zack died and became a quite person. I also like how tifa was she was ... what was that word O it was on the tip of my tongue... I GOT IT! feisty that was the word i was looking for . Any way the pairing of Zack and Yuffie well cloud you show them together a little more and little more romantic . ANY THIS WAS AWESOME! XD
PLEASE I begging you please. mabe put some chapters of cloud's point of veiw. To fellow reader who love this fanfiction like me who agree with a idea of some sort of sequel please speak out. sorry if i'm to pushy i just really love your story and want to see more. Pleas take no offense to this ! Well like a fox I shell sneak away and wait to see!XD
10/24/2013 c17 Guest
how about a one shot of when Cloud first saw/fell in love with Tifa?
10/20/2013 c17 R2
Oh, if you need suggestions from future stories, I know a lot of people get ideas from dramas or movies or books. Not a retelling of it just inspiration.
10/20/2013 c17 R2
Great story. I enjoyed it to the very end. Please write more.
10/20/2013 c17 Rumia
Well aren't I glad that Aeris wasn't preggars! lol Although it shows how immature Reno was for lying like that. The endings cute, a nice happy family! I don't know what I think about the Yuffie and Zack pair though, oh well! Not my story :) I'm glad that Cloud and Tifa stayed together! Good job :)
10/20/2013 c17 Rose23527
Thank you, I love the storie so much I rate it 10/10, I'm being honest :)
10/20/2013 c17 sunflowerspot
O I love the ending. Everything came together so well and once again I was surprised! I'm glad Reno turned out to be an okay guy. And Yuffie and Zack sound so cute together! ;) And Cloud and Tifa as always were very nice. All in all, I really enjoyed this story. I hope you can write more Cloti stories soon!
10/20/2013 c17 7Dilavri
It's really sad that this fic just ended ;-;
Oh, thanks for saying mah name in that last part :'3
Love ya, and remember i will review all of your stories (If they are Cloud/Tifa, of course xD)
10/20/2013 c16 R2
Crazy overprotective, but i'm happy they make it thruogh all these trials. My favorite part was when he showed up at her apartment. :)
10/17/2013 c16 Rumia
Overprotective or wha? Haha still sweet of him :)
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