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9/24 c1 16Flameal15k
Interesting Story. Watched.
7/25 c32 78erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
7/5 c32 1neogoki
more Child Soldiers, TSAB looks more and more deperate and unprepared.
Did they just go further and further without consolidating their Territory?
6/27 c32 1OBSERVER01
Quite an interesting update.
6/27 c32 4tf330129
Keep it up :)
6/25 c31 7GJH 28
Update Danganronpa revolution of chaos
6/23 c31 8MosesArk Reborn2000
The plot thickens...New players are stepping in, older ones are stepping up their game and our boy is getting some serious upgrades. I don't know but as I don't know much about Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha in the first place, when i read that he was undergoing biological upgrades to his body, my mind jump to when Steve was injected with the Super Soldier Serum in the First Avenger movie. Though I wonder if he'll come out as...built as Steve did as that will rise some alarms with those who know him.

When it comes to girls, I find myself leaning towards him and Quattro first and foremost, mostly because she's closest supporter his age. I feel like you get that since in that discussion, she was sitting on his lap and he didn't even look like he cared.
6/22 c31 jetzer0
i find it hilarious that suzaku is still the same even in a revamped world
also the hypocrisy continues when "he believes in the system" "the results obtained from dishonest means have no meaning" makes him both an idealist himself and agent of those that practice that system of beliefs
good old suzaku probably the most hated guy in the franchise and with good reason
6/22 c31 1OBSERVER01
Good update. The TSAB is now forced to fight on at least 3 different fronts - Black Knights, Mandarin and now the Huckebain family- .
6/22 c31 flitterflux
So you're going all Metal Gear with this nanomachine talk huh? Well one character has to say NANOMACHINES SON at some point. Can't have nanomachines without at least 1 Metal Gear meme.
6/22 c31 4tf330129
Keep it up :)
5/24 c3 Somebody
...some of the Japanese names used are just transliterations of English... which would be rather out of place for someone who dislikes Brittania. Sanda and Ama are just how the English words Thunder and Armor are pronounced in a Japanese way. It kinda breaks the suspension of disbelief a little.
4/20 c30 78erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
3/20 c30 4tf330129
Keep it up :)
3/20 c30 1geofiendlux
Dude, this only proves that Lelouch needs geass. You've introduced enough enemies for him in the story that he can be considered underpowered. I understand wanting to keep him restrained to a certain level given how weak he is at KMF piloting in the show, but geass won't really interfere with that or his fight scenes (Lelouch still needs eye contact for it to work after all, so if he wanted to geass a Zilkhstani soldier, a Mandarin-affiliated mage, or someone else who's the type to shoot first and ask questions later, he'll need to use his device to restrain them, which may not always as planned). Geass can also expand and improve on the story a bit, especially if done in a way where it doesn't feel like a cop out, take the 'Mao' arc from the show, and how he used it to make Shirley forget about him, THAT is an oft-overlooked scene when discussing characterization in Code Geass, but a great example nonetheless that really highlights the importance Lelouch's geass has on the story, especially if one sees what happens to Shirley as a result during R2. If Lelouch's enemies have geass, who's to say that Lelouch can't? From what I've seen in this story, geass and magic are incompatible. By bending that rule a bit for Lelouch, you provide him a excellent tool with which he can get his plans done earlier, without becoming him too op in battle, I mean, even the TSAB are aware of the "Fool me once, Fool me twice" quote, right? It only having a single use is certainly something you can use to your advantage, too. Not to mention the fact that some extremely important parts in Code Geass need that geass in order to work out properly (eps 23, 24, 25 in R1, and eps 19, 20, and 25 in R2 especially). Even if you give him his geass, he can use still use other tricks, too. Not to mention he's become quite suspicious in your story and slightly more mature, so he'll probably test it and 'break it in' so to speak in order to find out how it works EXACTLY, which would make for an interesting chapter to say the least. Sorry for the wall of text, I feel at this point that Lelouch NOT having his geass was starting to drag this story down a bit. There's only so much the 'Man of Miracles' can do without his main attraction after all.
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