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for Turns out they're not good parents

2/20 c16 Kelly Does Writing
Wow, I don't know what to say except... this is completely dark and f**ked up. Never trust Mike with a baby. NEVER. Poor Michelle. Since Mike's alters are now her family, she's probably gonna grow up to be a really f**ked up kid. To be completely honest, I'm a little tied with which parents was the worse; Zoey for not knowing that leaving Michelle with the alters was a bad idea or Mike for not taking his medication, resulting in him getting trapped in his mind (again) and Mal kidnapping Michelle. So, Mike or Zoey? I'm a little tied, here. Anywho, I'd love to see some Bawn (B x Dawn). In the meantime, keep up the good work!
2/11 c25 Kelly Does Writing
I hate to say this because I love Noah/Emma, but this is probably my favorite chapter of this fic. I lost it when Emma went psycho and named her kids shipping names of her and Noah. Oh, God, did they seriously just ditch them like that? They're just as bad parents as Dave and Sky. So, Noah and Emma or Dave and Sky? I'm a little tied on who would be worse to raise a child with. Anywho, I'd like to see some Samkota (Sam x Dakota) in the next chapter. I can't find too many Samkota fics on here and it would make my day if you made a Samktoa fic about Sam and Dakota raising a child. Anywho, keep up the good work!
2/9 c6 Kelly Does Writing
Okay, Sierra has done a LOT of f**ked up things on the show but STEALING CODY'S SPERM AND USING ARTIFICIAL INSEMENATION TO IMPREGNATE HERSELF WITH THE LATTER'S CHILD?! Okay, now, I'm convinced Cody should file a restraining order against his biggest fan. Poor Cody...
2/8 c14 Kelly Does Writing
To be completely honest, I'm a little tied on which parent was the worse: Beth or Justin. Even though Beth was supposed to be the bad guy in this, I felt more sorry for than Justin did because I find the latter very annoying. Anywho, keep up the good work. I'd like to see some Gwody or Davella.
1/24 c19 Kelly Does Writing
Ugh, I wanted to kick Dave in the balls so f**king badly while reading this. Out of all the parents, Dave has definitely got to be the worst one. Sky works two jobs a day while all Dave does is clean his house religiously and and obsessively and otherwise sits on his arse all day. I think it would be better if Sky just raised the child herself since all Dave does is go to her house for free food and refuses to hold the child.
You don't like touching babies, huh, Dave? Well, maybe you should've thought about that before you forgot to use protection while banging Sky. This is why condoms exist, people! Overall, I consider Dave the worst parent in this chapter. Sky was okay; mainly because I feel bad that she has to marry a whiny little sh*tface like Dave just because he knocked her up. In other words, good story! 10/10
8/23/2020 c6 2GrimRepeatte
4 yrs later
Cody finally goes to meet his 'daughter'. She has to choose between Cody and Sierra
Cody: You should come with me. I have a nice house great wife good job.
Selena: But then why did you and mommy have Me?
Cody: You've already told her about Sex?! She's four!
Sierra: She was going to have to learn in the future anyways.
Cody: Well daddy was uhh, masturbating. And when he finished he walked away. But mummy was crazy enough to collect my sperm and did an artificial insemination!
Sierra: I am NOT crazy!
Cody: Well now you know daddy's story who do you want to stay with.
Serena: Daddy, definitely daddy
Cody: Wise choice.
Sierra: Nooooooo! I will find you!
Cody: Try it and I'll get another restraining order. Come on Selena let's go. You'll love my wife, Stacey!
7/13/2020 c24 Kelly Does Writing
I don't really like Sugar or Leonard (Sugar reminds me Honey Boo Boo,which I hate and Leonard just serves little-to-no purpose in Total Drama at all) but this made me laugh like hell. I can't tell what was funnier; Sugar thinking that both Leonard and Azir were wizards or Sugar's mom not even bothering to help her one and only daughter (and her daughter's husband) out of jail. Keep up the good work!
2/3/2019 c7 9Wonders and Madness
Tom Riddle works for social services...really? so was this his backup plan when the whole dark lord thing failed
2/3/2019 c6 Wonders and Madness
Cody is an asshole...poor Sierra
2/12/2017 c16 64What'dIMiss
I hate to say this, because I love Zoke, but this is probably my favorite chapter of this fic.
8/8/2016 c7 5TheBlueAzuru
Tom Riddle?! HARRY POTTER?
12/14/2015 c25 Lulu'sBackInTown
Omg, I could totally see Noah and Emma doing this. Emma naming her kids shipping names of her and Noah? Weird, but creative I'll admit. I would love to see Jock (Jo x Brick) next.
12/13/2015 c1 1TheNiceCommenter
The next chapter should be about Crimson and Ennui. It would be interesting to see if either them having a child has changed there goth attitude or there goth attitude effects the child
12/9/2015 c25 16Knifez
LOL. Fuck the kids, amirite?

Very funny stuff, and Emma going psycho and naming her kids Emoah and Nemma was hilarious.

Great stuff :D
12/6/2015 c25 The Abysswalker
This is easily my favorite couple from TD, but this was funny as hell. Good God, she named them after their two shipping names? I did not expect that from Emma. Sierra maybe, but now her. Then they ditch them, just like that? Damn, that's cold.
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