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for Reflection

9/23/2013 c1 177Huinari
Short, but very much packed with the key points that show your line of analysis to his thoughts and the conclusion. He's thinking of all the could-have-beens and deciding that now is not the time to be second-guessing his actions, and the uncertainty of it all is something that no one really thinks to connect with the Black Mage, which makes it all the more interesting.
9/23/2013 c1 2Nicanna
So short, yet you managed to include in so many major plot points plus some very, very interesting tidbits that explain so much about his actions, his character.
From stereotypical evil villain to extremist do-gooder, each sentence here seems to just put in another crack in his 'black mage' persona, and now it's just waiting for the final blow to shatter. any chance you are going to elaborate more on 'why' he intended/intends to conquer the Maple World?

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