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for Messer's in Montana

9/30/2013 c3 83LoveShipper
Whew diverted that awkward question. Aww Josh and Lucy got to meet their little cousin
9/29/2013 c2 6Daisy1966
Wow! This was a really great chapter! Lucy and Joshua being aware that they were not at a hotel but at their grandfather's was so nice to see! I love how excited both of them were :D The conversation between Lindsay and Robert was very touching, especially about visiting her mother's grave. You're a wonderful writer and I love your stories :) It would be appreciated if you continue writing this story :)
9/27/2013 c2 83LoveShipper
Aww like mother like daughter it seems with horses. Now Lucy will want one even more :)
9/27/2013 c2 44smuffly
Oh, the children were charming in this chapter! And Lindsay's conversation with her father was very poignant, especially the part about visiting her mother's grave.

I love reading your stories and I hope that you decide to continue because I, for one, would be sad if you felt that you should stop writing.
9/26/2013 c2 MesserTurnerBates
That was such a lovely chapter chapter loved the whole lot
9/25/2013 c1 smuffly
A charming first chapter! Looking forward to more.
9/24/2013 c1 6Daisy1966
Aww! This is a great start! It's a pleasure to see how the Messers will spend their time back home in Montana. I can't wait to read the next chapter :)
9/24/2013 c1 83LoveShipper
Aww Lindsay and her family is home for awhile to welcome the new relative. Nice family reunion
9/24/2013 c1 21GeorgeAndrews
Great start and looking forward to more. I love your glimpses into what would be their normal family life. There aren't enough writers that do that. Family holidays are such a big part of childhood and growing up too!
9/24/2013 c1 MesserTurnerBates
Nice start can't wait for more
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