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for The Myth of Medusa

12/23/2017 c1 Whatever Sarah Said
I really, really enjoyed reading something that was written so well! The character writing is so believable & refreshing! Please continue writing!
4/8/2015 c1 62Kaen Okami
I really like the backstory you've set up for the Gorgon sisters here. Some of Medusa and Arachne's lines in chapter 30/episode 29 definitely hint at something like this happening ("I see you still run to wherever I am when you're scared." "Freedom is not free."). It would be interesting to see this fleshed out more, especially since canon gives us pretty much nothing on their backgrounds and it's completely open for interpretation.

Also, the ending gave me a mental image of Medusa telling her version to little Crona as a bedtime story, and then the poor kid under the blankets shaking for the rest of the night.
8/15/2014 c1 46Pen-Always-In-Hand
Very nice; I liked the concept, and the characterization of Medusa and Arachne seemed very believable.
2/6/2014 c1 22Lordriochi
Interesting incorporation of Medusa's various origins, including Lady Medusa's. I liked this story, it really gave depth to the Gorgon sisters.
9/23/2013 c1 Guest
This is excellent

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