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for Lilacs, Ghosts and Nearly-Savoury Biscuits

3/31 c7 40A Talking Cat
Would like to add to my previous review that I apparently can't favourite at the moment since my account is slightly broken, but I would have favourited if I could... :( I'll definitely be reading more of yours!
3/31 c8 A Talking Cat
This is beautiful and lovely and sweet!
9/20/2021 c8 33piccolabimba
What a wonderful 'Shirley/Una story! Sweet and quiet, like them. Thanks!
12/8/2020 c8 immery
It is such a nice story. It feels precious and calm and lovely.
9/2/2019 c8 4OriginalMcFishie
I adore this. You attack the tale side on. We never get the direct confirmation from Una or Shirley what they’re thinking or feeling or wanting or dreaming, and yet its all there, and yet is is perfect for them. This is soft and bends with the wind (yet strong and resolute) so like Una. A tale full of love and sacrifice and changes and wonder. You really get a sense of a love that is not perhaps a first desire, but nevertheless burns deeply and will stand the test of time.. Favourite bits are the Bruce half past three conversation (beautifully done and such a nice analogy as 4pm is tea time in my books), the Carl conversation about Irene Howard and how Una and Shirley do this in their own time and in their own way regardless of what making white table clothes could or could not mean, and I thought the plumb tree at the end was nicely reminiscent of Anne and Gilbert’s wild apple tree (and the house sounded gorgeous). Beautifully done.
8/22/2019 c8 47Tinalouise88
Oh such a sweet ending, Even with Carl leaving and Una being the last one at the Manse it would have to be rather quiet and soul reflecting for her. It took me by surprise that Carl was in love with Persis, I did not see that coming, but I am happy for Carl if she feels the same way.

I enjoyed bruce throughout this and Rosemary's gentleness. The entire story was calming and had an undertone of unrequitedness in many ways, Not for Shirley but almost for Una herself. She's of her own feelings if she should ask on them, or if they are returned in any way.

I am glad that Shirley found the orchard of plums and brought her there. I love the mistaken words that turned into something more for them. Not quite a proposal, but it's a proposal that works for them. which makes me happy!
8/21/2019 c4 Tinalouise88
I enjoy the uneasiness of Rilla and Una in the beginning of this. They aren't really friends are they, not really.

All the talk about clothing, going away things, preparing the house of dreams and having no linens made me chuckle. Something Rilla would overlook and not care.

Una is very sweet to give some of hers away to Rilla. A lot of hard work and time spent for sure went into them. They become so comfortable with each other that Even Rilla asks about her feeling towards Shirley.

Rosemary not knowing what in the world Bruce and Una were talkign about when mention four o'clock made me giggle. She will see it soon enough I am guessing.
8/21/2019 c3 Tinalouise88
So meant to do this ages ago...I added to chapter 2 into this as well!

I enjoyed how Susan asked about her white work, and her shyness about her sewing. I love how Rosemary and Una had a quiet bond. Rosemary is whatever Una needs her to be. Friend, mother, confidant.

Ahh Shirley, and Bruce such a sweet moment, I love how Shirley dotes on him, all the candy and airplanes.

Poor Ingleside with all the wedding talk! Rilla seems to be in such a hurry to marry Ken. Which i don't blame her for haha. But slow down girly! your only 19/20!

Una and her sewing, I don't blame her for not using a thimble I hate sewing with a thimble. I use one occasionally when I am working with thick or dense fabric but that is it!

Bruce and Una at the end of the, asking if she loves him and telling him she is halfway there, it is very sweet.
7/22/2019 c1 Tinalouise88
I'd figure I would start near the end of you stories and work up from there haha.

I really enjoy the tone of this so far, its really calming and serene. I also adore Lilacs which makes it more special to me as well. It's a fragrance that I can never forget, its something I adore about spring time.

I enjoy Shirley methodical thinking and cluelessness at the same time. His war wounds and loss of what I am assuming is a partial leg?

As for White Work table clothes...hmm I wonder haha. Una is thinking about marriage and weddings haha!
11/16/2017 c8 14elizasky
It's very nice to see Una playful as she is here. It gives a little glimpse of what might be possible for her in this relationship. This is a lovely, gentle story, but I do have some lingering questions about them together. How will they fight? When they disagree, will they just devolve into sullen silence? Will Una's over-apologizing make her the one to make peace even when she's been wronged? Just normal relationship stuff like that. But I know there is more in After Ingleside, so I will hold onto my questions for now.

Overall, I enjoyed this story, which was sort of dreamy and water-color-y. I think you could probably do more with Shirley - we get a little glimpse into his head at the end there when he is overwhelmed by a "sense of unreality," but I want to know him and his relationships more. Una is beautifully drawn - confused and worried that she's gone too far by daring to have any little thought of herself or her desires. But Shirley is still a bit of a mystery.
11/16/2017 c7 elizasky
"It will take more than that to keep animals out of Carl's clothes" was perfect. And yes, I do hope someone has warned Persis! Jerry wouldn't share a bed with him at all when they were kids.

And Una getting snippy about the church calendar! Love it. This really was a funny chapter.

It must have been awfully hard to send anyone off again so soon after the war. Even if they were happy to be going. Even if they were only going to Kingsport. I've been thinking that through with my Nan and Jerry at the end of the war - they've been apart so long and now he's back and going away AGAIN!? I think you're 100% right in the Mara universe about Jem and Faith locking that situation down the first chance they get (1917 leave is still a big old ? to me), but the Nan/Jerry dance goes on.
11/16/2017 c6 elizasky
The question of Shirley's job is a tricky one! This explanation about being all done with planes is a good one. But there are so many directions he could go, not having any particular inclination for a profession in the books. I got the impression that he'd be completely competent at whatever he set his mind to, but that he didn't have anything that spoke to him as an irresistible vocation. He'll do quite as well as an accountant/clerk/engineer as he would as a veterinarian (though I hope you will now see why I was cackling over Shirley as a vet in your Mara universe - it immediately suggested to me a modern AU where gay Carl and Shirley run a vet clinic together and I may have run through 2 or 3 seasons of that romantic comedy in my head in the space of 30 seconds).

So this is more or less the same universe as O Silver Moon? It was sweet of Carl to recognize that Persis might have reservations about living out of a suitcase again. But Una is right - going on an Amazon with your husband is quite different from being dragged along for your dad's novel research. Though I imagine she might want a home base when/if their own kids are old enough to want permanent friends.

Thanks for checking in on this relationship - Una and Carl have a history of sweet camaraderie and it is nice to see it given a nod here.
11/16/2017 c5 elizasky
I really loved how overwhelming Christmas was here. Any big family gathering can be a lot to handle for those who are not naturally boisterous. "They talk an awful lot, my family" was lovely - true to character and establishing the bond between these two a bit more firmly. Una's compulsive apologies also felt true to her.

I'm also enjoying the relationship you've crafted fro Una and Bruce, which is stated in RoI, but not well proven. You've done LMM one better there. Bruce's commentary on the handkerchiefs sat better than his slightly-too-insightful comments about Una's bright eyes, and Shirley's enthusiasm for them was perfect.
11/16/2017 c4 elizasky
Glad to see Una stick up for herself a bit with Rilla there. Perhaps I was just set up to be short with Rilla from the start of this - even thinking of holding a grudge against Una over Walter is such an uncharitable thought I wanted to slap her. Of course, she is redeemed by her decision not to hold onto it, and of course it is perfectly natural to have uncharitable thoughts, but that Rilla, who has so so so much that she's overflowing with blather about it, would even *think* that Una ought to be tragically faithful to her grief has me seeing red.

The first kisses were very sweet. I'm glad you gave us that moment of Shirley a bit flustered on the road with Rosemary to show a bit of feeling. His affect is so flat and we haven't been in his head for a while, so it was important to show that that meant something to him, and not just to Una. I also loved that Una's version of radiant happiness is Easter coming early, rather than Christmas.
11/16/2017 c3 elizasky
Loved Shirley's short patience for Rilla's chatter. Seems he wouldn't like any chatter on any subject very much and hers on the subject of weddings would just be too much. Also the detail that she was talking about her own wedding, not Faith's, tipped it over into eye-rolling territory and highlighted Una's generosity/patience in not running for the hills.

Shirley was very sweet with Bruce. A kind gesture to Una, with echoes of Jem's old place. Jem is a bit of a phantom here (even at his own wedding!). I suppose that might be Una's perspective - she only sees Faith and Faith's happiness, but seems not to have much of a relationship with Jem at all. I am curious about what Shirley's relationship with Jem might be at this stage, particularly in the absence of Walter.
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