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3/31/2014 c7 darkblackandlight86
From the beginning to the end, this was great to read! I was expecting something from Cartman but oh well, brill stuff!
11/24/2013 c8 3xStylennybuttmanx
:O omg it was scary! THIS chapter is so interesting!
11/22/2013 c8 2Kyle'sJew
My god.
11/22/2013 c5 Kyle'sJew
I like this book *slaps face into iPad* ( Jenna Marbles ) :3
11/20/2013 c8 idkgba27
hello haven't seen you in awhile! (oh, the sarcasm!)
so lets get this started...
looks like kyle really is a psychic!
jeez stan why couldn't you just listen to your sbf?
that's why you got shot again.
speaking of which Kenny failed to use his super power to save his friends
what good is immortality if you don't use it dude?
Kenny once again you fail ;)
I feel bad for kyle (yeah yeah I know that stan's the one who just got shot but he was warned!)
no one believes him not even stan...
I thought it was funny though how stan kept accusing kyle of being high
stan's the one drinks and Kenny's the one that gets high and butters... well he's addicted to 'bush' (hehe)
kyle's just a good little jew that no one wants to listen to
lets see how close reality will be to kyle's dream...
11/20/2013 c8 36Demonlord5000
11/20/2013 c1 9Mollanise
Aww it wasn't a dream?
11/20/2013 c8 Heidi28
OMG Poor Stan! I am glad you decided to continue this story!
Kyle should take the bullet! Lol, I am now like #OMGZ #STANTOOKTHEBULLET #HARRYPOTTER
10/31/2013 c7 drysenc
MoThErFuCkInG mIriClEs
10/31/2013 c6 drysenc
'After kenny and Butters finaly left'
10/20/2013 c7 3xStylennybuttmanx
Wow that's a good but weird ending! :D great job!
10/20/2013 c6 xStylennybuttmanx
Yay I am happy Stan's getting better.. I'm sure he will be better!
10/20/2013 c5 xStylennybuttmanx
This chapters so awesome! XD I love it so much!
10/20/2013 c4 xStylennybuttmanx
Awh Stan :(
10/20/2013 c7 Beart0oth
This was really great! I'm a bit confused, though.. So now Stan actually IS gonna get shot ?
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