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5/24 c1 78mrspencil
Steve has my sympathy. A delight to read:-)
10/30/2019 c3 Laura Ann
This chapter made me cry, but I'lldefinitely read it many more times.
Thank you.
10/9/2019 c7 2NerdGirl1210
All of these stories where great!
12/26/2018 c7 2ADayWithNoLaughterIsADayWasted
This is so sweet, I’m loving these. Well done. :)
8/23/2017 c7 Guest
Aww damn wish there was more to this one
4/22/2017 c1 Guest
O thank you so much for this chapter, I've read it 2 x's now & laughed so much each time so well written I love steve & Danny so much but could do without Catherine.
1/22/2017 c7 3kyfly1221
I know you haven't updated this in a while, but I have absolutely adored each one of these stories. There are seriously not enough Grace stories out there! I loved this and I hope you decide to continue :D
6/16/2015 c5 Skimball4
Ha! This is my favorite chapter yet.
6/16/2015 c4 Skimball4
"Her smile was sunlight after rain"-another beautiful image. Great job!
6/16/2015 c3 Skimball4
"designated SEAL trainer"-best line ever! I laughed so hard.
2/28/2015 c7 Guest
Absolutely amazing...looking forward to new chapters...keep up the good work!
1/30/2015 c7 celicachick
Abdolutely love this. Character portrayal are awesome!
1/30/2015 c7 3WolandR
This was wonderful! Poor Danny nearly having an apoplexy. Steve being Steve. And Gracie being amazing as always. Perfect!
1/29/2015 c7 4ButterflyN
That was amazing! And totally adorable. Please write the embarrassing stories, I'm begging you ;-) xxxx
1/28/2015 c7 Guest
I think that is just one of the best stories ever! Loved Grace's enthusiasm! Loved Steve wanting to do that for her! Loved Danny trusting Steve with doing that! Just a great, great story!
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