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12/13/2018 c23 1PerseusGodOfDarkness
This is the first Perlia story I've read usually I read Pertemis, but most of those story's are either never finished or are the same thing everytime and I got to say I love this story, maybe a few grammar errors, but over all not bad, I wouldn't mind reading more of what Percy was feeling, but I still was great, good job
9/22/2018 c9 ShitFic
I only ever review when I really like a fanfiction, like a lot. Or when it’s got something so unbelievably wrong it annoys me.
Chapter 7: The type of water doesn’t fucking matter. Thalia can’t summon storms. Percy can. A Chimera is no threat, not really. Considering he defeated fucking Titans and Giants. All in all? Far too many characters are OOC (Out Of Character), the pacing makes you feel like everything happens for plot convenience and nothing else, Percy is far too underpowered even if this is pre-Giant War. And Thalia is way too OVERpowered. At least provide a justifiable reason for your plot actually happening. I hadn’t any high hope for this fiction and was not disappointed. You really don’t deserve any praise for this work, bluntly put, its a load of dog shit. Alas, I hope you have gotten better over the years, and can write better. This isn’t an attack on you but even you, the author, must admit this is pretty shit looking back. Best Wishes for future fictions though. xx
9/8/2018 c6 Guest
Fun fact: when Percy. And blackjack first met each other it was describing blackjack as a female but later in the series he came out as a male.
5/20/2018 c23 Guest
i would really like a sequal to this.
4/2/2018 c21 1AtFandomCrossroads
Nice a make out in bed spiritually
12/11/2017 c11 Blank
‘"Hey, what can I do for ya? Don't suppose your looking for a dashing boyfriend." I sighed inwardly like father like son. I gave him my best smile and leaned in close as I suspected he did the same. Then I put my finger on his nose and pushed him to the ground. It was funny how flabbergasted he was.’, for couple of seconds I honestly thought the thaila...
slut, or whore. However you want to put that. I would’ve been really disappointed
If that were true, this story is so amazing. So it’d suck. Glad I was WRONG!
5/8/2017 c1 Perlia4daWin
4/25/2016 c8 ArgentumArm
Thalia didn't really consider herself to have a last name till after she found Jason again because of how horrible her mom was.
3/26/2016 c17 Guest
12/30/2015 c10 pjlover101
I like the stories so far but you talk too much in the authors notes
12/28/2015 c23 Dtrax96
I loved this story so much I couldn't put it down until I was done and the ending wasn't bad it was cute and adorable
(PS. For some reason I saw Cassandra as a younger person for some reason like 14 or 15 years old I don't know why and there was no real reason for me telling you that just did. Lol )
I enjoyed this story so much and can't wait to start reading you new one because I'm sure it will be great as well
Thanks for being such a great writer :)
7/10/2015 c24 Bruhleth
A good, well rounded story with OC charactors I actually cared about, enjoyed every minute of it (not much closer on Annabeth though)
7/8/2015 c17 Bruhleth
Eh, bullies are such assholes, I was bullied because they knew I had a temper (usually didn't end well for them), you did the right thing there, just ignore them and they get bored, great chapter as always! (Monolauge over)
6/11/2015 c7 Guest
4/30/2015 c16 umayma2003
I think you meant Hyperion was in a tree. I'll understand if you just wanted to change the story a little.
Sorry I'm too lazy to log into my account right now.
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