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4/14/2015 c24 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
write a story where they have a kid who can control the sea and lightning and can fly twins a boy and a girl. and could u make a seiries
1/20/2015 c15 8Rhagar
Heh, that little story, morbid? You really haven't seen some of the darker fics in this site, right? There are stories out there that are downright "morbid" without the need of a sob story. It just sounds like giving her a crappy childhood just to make her pitiable. Much lulz was had reading it, though.

Also, though it's kinda late by now, you really didn't think too much on the mechanics involved in a winged, flying horse either when you were writting chapter 7, did you? Just saying, since Percy would have had to fall down when he tried to hug Thalia on Blackjack just to comfort her or brush her tears away or whatever during their ride towards the Chimera.

That or he's a goddamn athlete who can do a 180 spin on a flying horse in the middle of the air with a girl terrified of heights just behind him... Yeah, don't think so.

Common sense fail: Check.
12/23/2014 c24 Lioness Deity
It's alright.
10/13/2014 c4 Anonymous
" 'Be quite...?' "
9/22/2014 c12 Boy of Words
Um, first of all I will commend you on finishing the story, because there would be few authors who get around to finish 50k stories, I probably one of them, had I ever chosen to post something significant, then not scrap it. A few points I'd like to make, though.
Overall, I like the theme and general plotline of this story. It wasn't too bad, bar a few minor errors. For you, the main concern would probably be paragraphing (I mean, which reader wants to read a 9 line paragraph, in tiny font?), spelling, etc. and I saw a note left for who I assume was your BETA reader.
I like that you chose to go with mainly your own ideas, and you also planned it. I don't even plan most of my little thoughts and ideas. I see potential in you, I'll make sure to keep an eye out. Good luck!
9/6/2014 c2 Amber Ember
9/6/2014 c1 Amber Ember
9/7/2014 c1 Nick Stryker
Awesome, I honestly didn't think you were going to update this
7/7/2014 c23 Lioness Deity
7/8/2014 c23 1Cipher032
I thoroughly enjoyed this good job
7/7/2014 c23 harryginny9
thanks..awesome..well done
7/7/2014 c17 1dogbiscuit1967
Just to break the tie I vote yes.
7/7/2014 c23 2Apex Calibre
Wow if this is the last chapter then i say Kudos because this story was really good for the Perlia division and one of the best there is

Worthy to compete with "Legacy" by Pluto's Daughter 11
5/31/2014 c22 Lioness Deity
GGAAAHHHH! KEEP GOING! Also it's kinda about time. (SOOOOOOOO awesome so far.)
6/1/2014 c21 HoodIcecream
And what I meant by "another story" was doing something like Travis Jameson (a brilliant fanfiction writer) Who did something close to what I'm attempting to explain XD If you just looked at what he did them you'll see what I'm saying :) Lol I'm really bad at this :P Sorry!
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