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6/1/2014 c22 HoodIcecream
Can I suggest that you do a lemon as a different story? That way you'll satisfy the people that want one and the people that don't. :) I absolutely love this story and especially how you've stuck with it through and through, best of luck 3
5/31/2014 c22 2devilspawnINTHEHOUSE
Omg I am such a sap I started crying... such a sap...so is this story done, or is there more. Pkease tell me Percy and Annabeth break up... I dont really like that couple anymore.
3/27/2014 c15 Guest
it's probably to late but i think i vote yes just because i'm a rebel.
3/27/2014 c11 Savage
so you are a really good writer, you get the characters really well, if you could i'd love some Thalia and Percy again or one no one writes well at all but i have started writing one (though not very well) a Rachel And percy. that would be cool
3/13/2014 c17 1YoruIc
Great story so you should continue c:
1/15/2014 c17 Guest
Really nice
1/8/2014 c17 3lovepertemis
1) Love the story!
2) Can't wait for the next chapter!
3) Update soon!
4) Keep it up!
5) NO lemons!
12/20/2013 c17 Guest
i vote for lemons! Btw, this story is really interesting! Cant wait for the next chapter :)
12/20/2013 c17 Euronite
Awesome story, good going, and yes.
12/13/2013 c17 Lioness Deity
Oh my gods. Sorry I couldn't see this earlier. I haven't been on fanfiction for a while. Anyway, keep going. I'll keep a closer eye out on ya.
12/15/2013 c17 James1996
I vote YES for the lemon!
12/15/2013 c17 2DarkPrince23
Great chapter and i vote lemon
12/11/2013 c17 3Thanatos Grim
If Percy finds out Thalia still has his jacket and smells it all the time. heheh awkward...

Anyway, that was a really good chapter. About the lemon, eh i don't really care, if you don't mind writing it you could to please the people who want it and have a warning for the people who don't.

Also, if you need/want a beta, pm me! -Yours in demigodishness Grim
12/9/2013 c17 Rockon
I love your story. Thals is my fav character she is epic. Btw. No lemon. Thnx

12/9/2013 c15 Age of empires
No lemon

This story rocks
This is a good one
Good perlias are rare
Keep it up
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