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8/7/2019 c87 3Divide19
Force her is to sex... which is basically RAPE
3/19/2018 c101 1Caged Corvid
nuuuuu 101 drabbles is too littlenevertheless, this was a great little thing. none were too long, and each had powerful choice words that left me smiling, crying, and breathless.
7/27/2017 c51 29RoxieDivine
awe :(
7/27/2017 c48 RoxieDivine
lol this was sad, but the last line made me laugh.
7/27/2017 c43 RoxieDivine
so sad
7/26/2017 c32 RoxieDivine
OMG I thought the same thing when I watched this episode.
7/26/2017 c28 RoxieDivine
7/26/2017 c27 RoxieDivine
well at least they have something in common...I guess.
7/26/2017 c25 RoxieDivine
Chapter 1 reversed awesome
7/26/2017 c24 RoxieDivine
okay not a Perryshmirtz romance fan, but this is still sad.
7/26/2017 c19 RoxieDivine
No words needed
7/26/2017 c16 RoxieDivine
He has a point Doof tells him everything! Would it hurt Perry to just give him something? Even if it's vague? Apparently!
7/26/2017 c14 RoxieDivine
awe so cute.
7/26/2017 c13 RoxieDivine
So in other words Doof's plan will work because the fortunes are actually true. So if he says he's the ruler of the Tristate area it should happen...right?
7/26/2017 c12 RoxieDivine
Again laughing, but I must agree dressing as a sock is crazy
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