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9h c14 1NaLuFireSpirit
I was reading this chapter and when tonks brought up parselmouths being genetic and i just remembered that when harry went to Godrics Hollow that the studie was sealed with parseltongue and Lily’s letter saying that James couldn’t get in there unless she allowed it meaning that she was a parseltounge and knew it and i was wondering when harry would realize that and if it would go into his ancestory to explain how they are parselmouths.
11/29 c22 Guest
Snape dog-eared a page in a rare book?! I KNEW he was dark!
11/27 c29 omh666
It's never out right stated in the books, but the understanding is that the person has to be alive for the hair to work with the polyjuice potion, based on the events in Goblet of Fire. He kept Moody alive all year and trapped in his trunk, assumedly to continue harvesting hair from him. It isn't stated if that was because he had to be alive, or if it was so the hair would continue growing as he harvested it. Had he killed Moody, it would have been a limited resource, while with him alive it's a constantly replenishing resource. I personally have always been curious why they can't use the hair that they have when using polyjuice myself. If it turned you, physically, into the other person, then why can't you just use hairs from that form for a new batch? Other than the obvious fact it would be a game breaking concept.
11/21 c3 omh666
Aah, nicely done in this chapter. Ginny and Harry feel that because they're feeling the horcrux. And it's only them two because they've both had horcruxes in their heads and been saved from them.
11/18 c30 Jon211107
Ok this fic is quite unique
Dark in its own way
The horcruxs have an actual meaning to them instead of just an anchor not like in canon where harry is running around with voldemorts soul on his forehead and everything being fine and dandy
So its a job well done I’d say
11/18 c3 tieflin
Loving the snake cult he's got going at Creature Comforts, lmao.
11/18 c2 tieflin
Love the new wand. Just a side note: I've never understood Harry getting in trouble for breaking the Restriction in light of it being for secrecy. Dudley knows, and is allowed to know as Harry's relative that he lives with, about magic. It wasn't just "some Muggle" he did magic in front of, it was his cousin. Irks me that in canon, that wasn't part of his defense.
11/16 c18 Jon211107
Gotta say the whole snape thing is well done
Its not like other fics where snape acts completely OC
11/14 c6 Jon211107
Does harry even have time to teach the DA?
He keeps getting work pilled onto him and yet he is distressed when he relises how powerful voldemort is.
It may seem dumb saying and comparing something like this but do you really think dumbledore and voldemort became so powerful by teaching groups of children during their fift year? No.
11/9 c30 Christ
Every part of the under cover stuff was fucking unbearably stupid and completely ruined what was an amazing fic. Completely useless wangst for the sake of it.
11/5 c30 LiSao420
Just wanted to say I love this story, one of the I'll be remembering by name. It's rare that you find an author who can write people, and not characters. I've maybe only read a few stories on this site that fit that description. I loved how gradual the buildup was to the end, and so many interconnected side stories that you added, just brilliant. Thanks for dedicating your valuable time to writing fanfiction, I appreciate you a lot for that. I've just started on your naruto story rn. Is there a way to support you outside of commenting and favouriting? Like, patreon, the buy a coffe thing, et cetera
11/4 c23 itioministralis
I will make this short and say that this is the one if the highest quality fanfics I've ever read.
11/3 c30 Selfinflicted Poison
Marvelous story!
I really liked the way you portrayed Dumbledore.
Thank you for writing this.
10/28 c10 Lukoshi
How can he be having these visions if the horcrux was sucked out of his head by the dementor?
10/28 c7 Lukoshi
I came to read a story about Harry absorbing Voldemort's knowledge through his scar and so far I've been pretty disappointed. Going to give it a few more chapters but I'm not holding out for hope
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