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5/18 c15 M.Rose
Damn I know the fic hasn't been updated in over a year but i was kinda still hoping for a Hermione x Harry ending but meh I'll keep reading anyway.
5/15 c23 Cat
Nicholas Flamel decided to run for president, and succeeded. That's quite impressive for a man of 600 years. Did he manage to swing young voters? I want to see Flamel trying to be hip.
5/11 c30 1Player4o6
Ugh. One of my new favorites. I don’t know if I’ll come back and do a re-read but it was still fantastic and would totally recommend.
5/9 c4 GoatyFic
I'm so happy about the pairing, one of my top 2, I hope it all goes well
5/9 c23 Guest
Is Tonks supposed to be a freaking idiot? Her grand plan is to join the death eaters in disguise and help them kill Muggles?! Seriously, WTF is wrong with you?

After writing an interesting story up until now you decide to just take a dump on it? There's no way you will be able to give Tonk's character any redemption after doing this to her. I seriously hate you for ruining your story in such a pathetic manner.
5/7 c17 KB4RC
Damn. I waqs really liking this story and then you had to go and ruin it with this bullshit. I swear 50% of Harry Potter stories are time travel or different realities. Oh well. On to the next story.
4/28 c1 www.sxyangaming
best approach to all of the characters, fking good writings , pointing out the flaws and good sides of every characters , no sudden Snape grows love for Harry shit , the fanfiction is beautifully written and it is well balanced.
4/19 c15 2JManM
I feel like you have a reasoned and tolerant view of all the characters. I find your handling of them the most graceful in pretty much any fic I've encountered.
4/19 c10 JManM
Best Nagini kill eva.
4/19 c8 JManM
I assumed magic. It isn't even much of a leap. Harry attacking those boys was wonderful, he wasn't very violent or edgy, just a good clean magic drive by.
4/19 c30 jwhitey
I enjoyed the story a bunch! All the characters were really compelling. Thanks for a good read!
4/17 c3 JManM
4/10 c30 Raditya23
Really great story,, I can't put my tablet down,, red it in two days..
Thank you for this masterpiece
4/7 c17 5aalens
This chapter deserves to be made into a chaptered story. I enjoyed it just as much, if not more, than the ‘real’ story.
4/6 c1 purrfus
Jumping in.
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