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3h c2 Guest
So literally nothing has changed with Harry lol I thought he would be smarter or whatever but he isn’t he is just normal Harry at this time
5/15 c6 DekuGwap
I Fk With this book
5/13 c8 Ambaire
Why would you say "Don't even bother your brain with this one."? Fantasy stories are intended to be enjoyed under the suspension of disbelief. Writing unique things is how you make your story your own.

Basically, own your own writing; don't be illogically embarrassed by it.
5/13 c4 Ambaire
Ooh, fun times. Umbridge getting her dues for once.
5/13 c3 Ambaire
I'm just waiting for Nym and Harry to kiss.
5/13 c13 1Sanders7201
i think my favorite part of this story are the interesting quotes at the beginning of the chapters. still the story itself is great as well.
5/13 c9 PotterHermione
So Broody temperamental emo
5/12 c28 Rensen07
This may come a bit late, but congratulations on having a kid. Still loving the story.
5/11 c1 Guest
5/11 c19 Guest
5/10 c17 Rensen07
This was the most beautiful and cruel thing you did for Harry, I may be late but I am loving the story so far.
5/9 c30 Evil Pixie Queen
Amazing, I’m speechless I can’t believe I have not found this story earlier! Your such a talented author
5/8 c3 11TeraWatt
My guess is that Harry is feeling the presence of the locket now that the house is radiating less of an evil aura.
5/8 c30 lexus4444
Thanks for the writing, I find the older I get the less I enjoy reading so they are numerous stories that have updated that need to look at. Bye.
5/6 c30 Kushka
Great story
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