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7/29/2017 c4 Guest
7/11/2016 c27 GAYATHRI GOPAN
u r just fab.i loved this i'm a great fan of grayza .thanks for this wonderful story
6/19/2016 c29
That was a really good story. Nice job. I loved reading it and I loved how you added chapters to show how they are in the future. I chuckled a little bit at the Mirajane part. If I were her, I wouldn't know who to choose either. I wonder which one you ship Mira with. Anywho, you did a phenomenal job and I feel that the 3 and half hours I spent reading this was worth my time. Heck, if it took me 72 hours I still think it would be worth it. I love your work so much! I'm definitely going to read some of the others. Keep up the good work!
6/12/2016 c4 Lucia Ten
Why do Lucy and Lisanna not like eachoth!er
6/12/2016 c3 Lucia Ten
How dare Gray be mean to Erza?!

6/12/2016 c2 Lucia Ten
I want to know why they all hate eachother!
Gray and Jelall, Lisanna and Lucy probably also Juvia and Sherria. I want to know!
By the way: Good job! Gorgeous chapter!
So nice!
6/12/2016 c1 Lucia Ten
Ah I'm curious!
6/7/2016 c27 I got this
I got the wrong idea when he said Erza why are you wet
4/22/2016 c29 Dee-Money
It was good
2/4/2016 c29 cursefire12
*sniff sniff* it''s so beautiful
1/21/2016 c17 261
Wow i love the tension between gray n jellal, this is fun, i love this drama
1/21/2016 c15 261
I got a,lot of typos on my previous review bc of this auto correct assholes but bear with me. Natsu i always fun to watch around lucy, he is funny and acted like innocent kid love to play most of the time that made lucy always irritated for his none sensitivity, like when they on mission together and fell 8nto the valley n happy trying to flew lucy out 1st turn out they fell back down together upside down to the ground and lucy's head was duck in the snow till her waist , while her swinging out of the snow tried to free her body and head from snow, while natsu see that as a fun game and he jumping funnily want to play it too, making lucy's scream that wasn't a game Lol
1/21/2016 c13 261
Drama is fun when there is love multiple triangles
1/21/2016 c7 261
Im actually was one of jellal fangirl, but i saw him since he was a kid like a prince charming who save the princess, but turn out into nightmare as he became the one that need help and saves, erza wont stand a chance if not grandpa sacrifice himself to protect her, then i was also. Young and still hoping and stick with the thought that prince charming will save her, but he never came to aid her. So i'm devastated but still hoping n they grew older, there jellal in chain remembering erza, i was excited but than once again with it looks like he is about in the ddle of saving her, turn out erza is the one fighting the enemy for him bc he is weak and fell asleep the ground like shit, then there is gray also helping him and natsu.. and he even seems to kiss erza n turn out pushing erza away like bastard he is, at the or the finally, he walked out with another girls made me thinking so much for prince charming story, but not really disappointed though bc in the end ep, gray crush will always with him to protect her tears, in the end they are always gray for erza, lucy for natsu, so i'll passed and accepted in the end erza will always end up with gray, while natsu will with lucy
1/21/2016 c6 261
I love 1st version of be as one gray fullbuster song, it show erza sad face looking at her friends specially gray was standing straight in front of her, and she was beside that scarface bastard, not close. Seems the hint of love triangle between them, gray just stood there like stunned, no Juvia and in the end Gray ran to his friends n Erza in the middle like he ran to her. Sweet... and love all grayza ft episode, but i love the most gray fullbuster vs fukuro, obviously gray willing to became stronger than Natsu if he worried about Erza safety, his determination to protect Erza made him strong and powerful. But then again when did gray never determine when it came to aid Erza and protect her from burst into tears right. You'll do anything to protect the one you reallt love eventhough she never know about your feelings.
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