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1h c17 kratos264
Why would anyone ever want to ally with azazel when he is willing to put lives at risk to see peoples strength
5h c7 kratos264
Wait youre telin me his family are super strong and sat back and let him and his sister potentially die to “give him a normal life”? Wtf happened to the writing? The last two chapters are beyond stupid. Let me get thus straight they knew their kids would be targted did nothing to protect them, mustve known they were fighting and did nothing and just what watched the little girl be tramautized for no reason. With family like them who needs enemies
5h c6 kratos264
Man so pathetic on naruto and rias literally knowing who the target is and they somehow thought just naruto could protect her? Its a little frustrating how stupid the good guys are in this story so far like how do i cheer for people who continue to make stupid decisions
3/2 c10 Guest
You know what's funny Caster Artoria true name is Artoria she is a fairy.
1/15 c6 brutusjr
That was really, really sad, no matter how you try to explain it.
9/15/2023 c5 DeltaWolf2038
I just realized why I recognized Arcueid. never watched the anime but I've seen a hell of a lot of Neko-arc
5/29/2023 c22 Djflemse
I hope you are well and that you will find inspiration to continue this story as it is one of the greatest on this site.
5/17/2023 c8 Tomahawk5763
3/6/2023 c12 1elkenn
...should have known there's uchiha...
3/3/2023 c22 Copycat981
This is a very cool story. Hope you make another chapter. You have created a very interesting universe with this story.
1/26/2023 c1 primalparadox
So your using nothing but the names from Naruto? Why list this as a Crossover then?
1/18/2023 c22 Clonebustering
Next chapter of this awesomeness please
11/26/2022 c22 Jack
Are you ever going to continue any of your stories? Or are you like most fanfic writers and leave your stuff half finished?
9/26/2022 c22 loganfaircloth2001
chapter 23 need to be made
6/21/2022 c22 lRayzerl
"Until Next Time!" Indeed... why did you abandon something that was getting really nice to read I wonder. Could you tell the reason in dm or something?
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