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9/15 c5 DeltaWolf2038
I just realized why I recognized Arcueid. never watched the anime but I've seen a hell of a lot of Neko-arc
5/29 c22 Djflemse
I hope you are well and that you will find inspiration to continue this story as it is one of the greatest on this site.
5/17 c8 Tomahawk5763
3/6 c12 1elkenn
...should have known there's uchiha...
3/3 c22 Copycat981
This is a very cool story. Hope you make another chapter. You have created a very interesting universe with this story.
1/26 c1 primalparadox
So your using nothing but the names from Naruto? Why list this as a Crossover then?
1/18 c22 Clonebustering
Next chapter of this awesomeness please
11/26/2022 c22 Jack
Are you ever going to continue any of your stories? Or are you like most fanfic writers and leave your stuff half finished?
9/26/2022 c22 loganfaircloth2001
chapter 23 need to be made
6/21/2022 c22 lRayzerl
"Until Next Time!" Indeed... why did you abandon something that was getting really nice to read I wonder. Could you tell the reason in dm or something?
5/21/2022 c22 dustOfDeath
damn. Good story, keep writing
4/14/2022 c6 Fredward1
Ugh so cringy. Forcing this stupid plot by nerfing him mid fight. No one likes to read forced plot. It’s dumb. So far this story has been good but if all it’s gonna be is forcing the original events by doing stuff like this then this good novel becomes a trash novel. Adding a new element to a story should irreversibly change the way the original story should pan out. Events should change. Things shouldn’t be the same. The fact that the satans haven’t contacted him is the first big fuck up you’ve done. Rias was supposed to get a new evil piece which would mean explaining what happened to the original. That would get the satans involved. He trains and trains yet when he gets into a fight it’s like oh no here’s a nerf. Let’s make sure things go exactly how the original plot dictates. No originality or alterations to the story. This is why most fanfics get abandoned by authors. You guys can’t make big changes to the plot due to the abstract thought of what the what if scenario. There’s a literal human who rejected the evil piece yet turned into a devil. He basically got to be an immediate king yet there’s no actions that are a result of that? A devil who can use light magic should’ve easily been a major topic of the satans yet you did nothing. Nope. You forced the plot. Sure you added a few things and switched up some stuff but by forcing the plot you have really done nothing. The impact that someone like naruto should have on the three factions should’ve been felt instantly yet he somehow flies under the radar? Bullshit. That’s bad writing. Whenever you write a fanfic you should ALWAYS use the what if question. What if I did this. What would happen realistically. You never once asked yourself that and the results are in your writing
3/30/2022 c2 Pixelitus
It was VERY possible to keep holding the "Moonlit World"(Can you tell I played/read/watched too much Fate series?) secret. Just don't tell him and everything would be fine.
3/29/2022 c1 Pixelitus
This Naruto REALLY doesn’t seem like he should be a devil. I think this story seems very good, except of that. That piece sucks. Also, doesn’t the start part explaining what characters say sound like a Noble Phantasm chant?
2/22/2022 c22 codywhite162
This story is amazing and I truly hope you continue it! I loved reading it and would love to see what happens next! :)
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