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6/5/2019 c22 Guest
I really like your story and I think your a very talented author. Though one thing that I think would be helpful is maybe at the beginning or end of the chapters list which characters are OCs and which characters are crossovers and where the crossover characters are from. Some of the characters are difficult to find by just looking up the name.
6/6/2019 c7 7JohnyXD
In the end, this fan fiction turned out to NOT be a Naruto Crossover. I had such high hopes too.
It's in the High School DxD universe and has some elements and characters from Nasuverse. But Naruto and his family are basically OCs with similar names.
Also, did Minato marry into the Uzumaki family?
6/5/2019 c22 MonkeyDGabry
Kuroka will enter Naruto's peerage? Yay.
6/5/2019 c22 WindyCitySlayer1
Awesome chapter
Can’t wait for more
Please continue
6/4/2019 c22 30Engineer4Ever
Wow! Been a long while, but glad to still c this going. Hope you continue soon and it felt pretty okay w me w the ooc-ness. so no worries on that end. take care!
6/4/2019 c22 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
6/2/2019 c21 Guest
Good story! J7st trying to point out a few things; I know you are trying to get them captured, but the way you did it need a little bit of work, if I recall teleportation seal/magic doesn't take that long to work, and you had naruto and rias know that something is going on at headquarters immediately it happened, but still took so long to get there, is not like they were running or even walking! And you didn't say there is a barrier up, so why the delay, where they stuck in limbo? LOL
6/4/2019 c6 darkimortal
I'm not gonna lie your story is getting boring, you realize this is a fan-fic that you yourself are writing? This means you don't have to follow canon and can make it into your own story. Reading this and knowing all the major plot points just makes me want to drop it. And I know that in later chapters this might change (I'm kinda doubting it, you'll probably make minor arcs then comeback to what most who know Dxd would know. I really hope you don't do this). Just know that I do think you have potential to be a great author as long as you move past following the original down to the letter (I haven't read later chapters but if Naruto has to do what Issei did with the Riser arc I'm gonna drop this and say good luck for the future!)
6/3/2019 c17 WarpedMalice
I’m so glad that fight was short cause I didn’t want to see him fighting some random while his friends are getting thrashed for the next 2 chapters. Good story!
6/3/2019 c16 WarpedMalice
Of course you don’t let him just fight Kokabiel and make it way to over dramatic.
6/3/2019 c10 Born2BeGodLike
I'm bit disappointed that fic now Naruto x harem. Knew the author would do something to screw it up even though it not a big screw up. Every author does this types if stuff for some reason eventually. Why they do it I'll never understand. While I'm cool with harem I was liking the the only Naruto x Rias you currently had. Will at least it is the author first small mistake idea (at least to me) for the fic but not enough to ruin this great fic author written so far. Also I was hoping you change the dragon name and happy you did sense Asia not attracted to perv boy.
6/3/2019 c9 Born2BeGodLike
Been greatly enjoying this fic. The chapter are long, Naruto strong, has a alive family, the soon Naruto x Rais and the changes done so far. Overall fantastic fic so far.
6/3/2019 c11 WarpedMalice
So glad the romance is starting to pick up I hope it continues to have this much activity in later chapters after the Phenex arc.
6/3/2019 c9 WarpedMalice
Ah im sad you didn’t include Sona in the family binding as well. All the interactions and competition between the peerages when getting their families would have been great.
6/2/2019 c8 WarpedMalice
I’m glad you addressed my next question which is about Kushina knowing Rias was a devil but why didn’t she talk to him once she knew he was involved? Why didn’t she try to rescue her daughter? Also I can never understand the “we are dealing you and making sure you can’t defend yourself from threats to protect you from threats” plot device. It’s so bad and almost never makes sense. Like “let’s make sure our kids have no clue that there is people out to kill them cause of there grandma and lets also make sure they have no clue about themselves or even how to fight, you know when that person eventually finds them”. Oh and it gets better cause it’s not even a permanent seal and we know it’s gonna break later on so when it does we can introduce them to this whole new world that they no nothing about and let’s not prepare them at all for it so that they will be way behind all their peers. Let’s make it so that they don’t even have the basic understanding and how to identify and enemy so they can avoid them instead of exposing themselves to them. How can a plot device that’s so bad be favored so much. And the excuse that it’s to give them a good childhood doesn’t make sense cause I’m sure Rias and Sona had a good childhood growing up. Let’s make our children weaker than everyone else and say it’s a good idea.
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