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6/2/2019 c8 WarpedMalice
I’m glad you addressed my next question which is about Kushina knowing Rias was a devil but why didn’t she talk to him once she knew he was involved? Why didn’t she try to rescue her daughter? Also I can never understand the “we are dealing you and making sure you can’t defend yourself from threats to protect you from threats” plot device. It’s so bad and almost never makes sense. Like “let’s make sure our kids have no clue that there is people out to kill them cause of there grandma and lets also make sure they have no clue about themselves or even how to fight, you know when that person eventually finds them”. Oh and it gets better cause it’s not even a permanent seal and we know it’s gonna break later on so when it does we can introduce them to this whole new world that they no nothing about and let’s not prepare them at all for it so that they will be way behind all their peers. Let’s make it so that they don’t even have the basic understanding and how to identify and enemy so they can avoid them instead of exposing themselves to them. How can a plot device that’s so bad be favored so much. And the excuse that it’s to give them a good childhood doesn’t make sense cause I’m sure Rias and Sona had a good childhood growing up. Let’s make our children weaker than everyone else and say it’s a good idea.
6/2/2019 c7 WarpedMalice
Ok rant incoming. Ok so mom is a full devil cool, so that means she realized her son was a reincarnated devil. Why didn’t she ever say anything to him? Why didn’t the grandmother not come that very day and do the whole process right then and there instead of waiting till her granddaughter was kidnapped, why didn’t she rescue mito? Like there are so many flaws. Now on to the second portion, so the fallen knew his lineage but he didn’t so that means Rias brother had to know because there was no way a 4 winged peon knew and he didn’t cause that would make absolutely no sense. So why didn’t he do anything? If they were letting them leave normal lives why did they move to a town where it was a devils territory? Why put them in a situation where they were gonna encounter what the parents were sheltering then from? There are so many plot holes though out this whole chapter. I’m ok with him being a descendant of the Lucifer but this has to much bs all over it. Like why hide it yet stay in a town with devils? Ok no on to the next chapter!
6/2/2019 c6 WarpedMalice
Wait I’m confused you said in the previous chapter that he stopped holding back while fighting vampire chick and that it wasn’t a probablemente anymore it was in the dialog and everything?
5/31/2019 c22 Guest
Great chapter! Keep it up!
6/2/2019 c2 WarpedMalice
Question what happens with the knight piece? Will she be able to still use it on someone else or is it worthless now? Or did he only absorb the mutation out of it and made it a regular piece?
5/31/2019 c22 Guest
Please continue your stories.
6/2/2019 c1 2TheSlySage
is this reall? is this story finally off hiatus? before I jump back in please do my heart a solid and message me that you are back...
5/31/2019 c22 Shifter
Really great story continue as soon as possible please
5/31/2019 c1 Guest
the only thing I can think that no devil can use would be holy power
6/2/2019 c22 aulshi
hohoho Mito Chan is adorable fufufufu
6/1/2019 c22 6wolf191000
I'm glad Mito and Koneko got away and I like how close Naruto and Kuroka are getting.
The Uchiha moment at the end was interesting I do wonder what that will bring?

I'm looking forward to what happens next!
6/1/2019 c22 Imdonenevercomingback
Yes, Mito is safe. When you do update again I will read. Nothing can stop Naruto.
6/1/2019 c22 Vercingetorix Rex
I can't wait for Swordsmen Of Twilight to resume! I miss this story
6/1/2019 c22 3AspiringAuthor236
Y orochimaru. I hate orochimaru so mufh!
6/1/2019 c22 Elchabon
Excellent chapter.
It was totally worth the wait, to enjoy the continuation of this magnificent story.
Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to create it.
Keep it up, waiting for the continuation.
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