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for Another Life without the Stars

8/13/2015 c1 Tina Kipton
Brilliantly done! (I also like how alot of your stories revolve around Pegg!)
Will you be doing another Star Trek story for Scotty?
1/21/2014 c1 Sarah
Like I NEEDED my heart broken.
this is beautiful.
but I want a fic where he marries Uhura now. :)
I like the "in another life..." because it's a nod to the fact that the new Trekverse is all AU's.
9/28/2013 c1 10misterreese
I already reblogged this on tumblr, but I just have to say here that this is just fantastic. 3
9/28/2013 c1 22CelestialSonata7
Ooooh that was so sad! Can't deny I liked the Scotty whump though, however small it was. :) Poor Scotty, that would be so scary to be on the verge of death, knowing there was no way out, and that no one would even know. I can't imagine it. :(

I really love all your stories that center around any of Simon Pegg's characters. You always either highlight him or torture him and I love both. XD You're an amazing writer and I look forward to more from you. Especially if it involves more of Simon Pegg's characters and whumpage. ;)
9/28/2013 c1 Sarah
"Maybe… in another life he could be a great engineer, travelling across galaxies aboard a starship. He could be a miracle worker, he knew he could. He was smart after all. But that would be another life..."
Yes. What a lovely reference to this universe, which is, after all, a reboot. :-)

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