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11/22/2013 c4 S1T2A3R4
make kid a host! he's a
gentleman, he's kind, he's everything a host should be! and it would be funny if some girl found his 'symmetry obsession' attractive.
11/19/2013 c4 1bloodydarkangel
Please please please please update your story please
11/17/2013 c1 8DarkLover62199
I need more!
11/13/2013 c4 4MonkeyQueen88 YT
This is really good update soon
11/12/2013 c3 haileyXnico3
idk bout anyone else but i absolutely LOVE this fanfiction! its very awesome and it is my two most fav animes/ mangas combined!
11/11/2013 c4 12Princess Unikitty
liked haruhi in this chapter. though it went by quick.
11/11/2013 c3 11112Black-Rose2111
Should it be Maka or Soul to be the new host? I DON'T KNOW WHY I THINK IT SHOULD BE MAKA! DX
11/10/2013 c3 Guest
Muahaha american maids XD
11/10/2013 c3 12Princess Unikitty
very cool idea for a crossover. keep it up. nothing you need to change as of yet.
10/26/2013 c2 9PetalDOHDawn
Aha I love it :D plz continue and update soooon
10/20/2013 c2 5Extended Experience
Lol Kyoya. Such a good friend! .
10/4/2013 c2 38Professor Maka
Interesting start.
10/4/2013 c2 7lack-4-a-better-name
this is awesome! please keep going!
10/3/2013 c2 Guest
10/3/2013 c1 Guest
I read a awsome soul eater and inuyasha cross over by darkangel you guys should read it to!
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