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for Safe in These Arms

9/30/2013 c1 15TheHamsterInMyMind
Aww... I love this, and I super-loved the scenario you've drawn out here, with a very realistic Sharon from the show - because we know, and we've seen it, that she carries a huge need to be responsible and cares and loves deeply. She'd do whatever she could, even if it took her to her own breaking point. I'm just glad that Rusty sees it and instead of fighting her on it, talks to someone he KNOWS they can both trust and depend on, and Andrea is such a calm voice of reason. She worries too, but she knows that this is what she can do, and this is just so very lovely and sweet!
9/29/2013 c1 MC Fan
This was amazing! I really love the way that you write Andrea and Sharon together. I hope that you will consider writing more romantic fics with them. Thanks! :)
9/29/2013 c1 51defyingnormalcy
*slow claps* This is simply superb. Andrea is a perfectly supportive and loving partner here, as both Sharon's lover and as an adult figure in Rusty's life. The affection that both she and Rusty have for Sharon, and vice versa, is so clear and so wonderful to read. I love that she answers Rusty's call and his request that she stay over without hesitating. I also loved how affectionate and loving she and Sharon are with one another. Amazing fic. I do hope that this isn't the last glimpse into this fic universe of yours because I could read these fics forever!

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