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12/20/2013 c9 14Still A Lover Of Franchises
What did you think of the song " What does the fox say "
12/20/2013 c9 Fact
Interesting... What is Jordan's last name?
10/7/2013 c1 Jordan sheeders
You can call me jordie it's shorter than my full name can you tell me what the other Jordan thought of me it bet it was funny
10/4/2013 c3 Jordan sheeders
It's okay even know you didn't see it is alright and I even have a princess twilight sparkle build a bear if you haven't heard of her go on YouTube and search princess twilight sparkle
happy face :)
10/4/2013 c3 42diaryofhannah
Um you can have something in the TMNT category if it has nothing to do with TMNT. I'm just saying you can get in trouble for this.
10/1/2013 c2 Jordan sheeders
You can call me jordie and I'm a girl I wanted to know if you like tmnt and do you like my little pony to because I have a princess twilight sparkle and she is so cute x3

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