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2/2/2014 c7 16Thecastlefan101
This isn't the last chapter is it? No no no no! Don't end it yet! I'll be so sad to see it go :(
1/30/2014 c7 Ilovetoread09
Nice ending to a nice story. I have to admit, it felt a little rushed, but I get the point of the story was to show that DC wasn't for Kate, so it's not a big deal. Thank you for writing!
1/31/2014 c7 39eyrianone
Thank you for that. My biggest problem with the DC arc (and I've got a lot of issues with it) is that it should have been Beckett who realized this wasn't what she wanted and she came to the realization that she'd made a mistake thinking this opportunity was one she should follow. I will forever hate that she got fired from a job she should never have wanted because it didn't fit the character at all.

Everything you had her say in this is what we should have been treated too.
1/31/2014 c7 16purplangel
Brilliant conversation between Beckett/Villante. I certainly didn't like the way he was blaming Castle for her distraction/lack of performance.

Way to go to have Kate resign! Yesszz, she's choosing Castle over her job.

Thank U for the visual ladies of RC bending over, pulling something out of the oven, :)

It's wonderful picturing Kate in the airport, so happy to make her way back home to him.

So cute that you threw in the seashell picture into this story.

Oh you two teasers... I would love to read a sexy bath scene.

Clever that Gates isn't going to tell the boys about the new Detective.

LOL over Castle's comment over the boys really missing her, ... but not as much as him.

Loved the teasing between them while they're getting outta the tub.

Fav line: "I was thinking of sweet-talking a rich, handsome man I know to take me away for a bit."

Sad to see this one ending. :(
1/31/2014 c6 81Garrae
Read the whole thing. Like it. Realistic about the problems of maintaining a distance relationship. Characterisation nice, too.
1/26/2014 c6 32JustAWriterWannaBe
Excellent story! Well written and you've been keeping me hooked.

Please continue, I'm dyin' to see where and how you take them.
1/13/2014 c6 39eyrianone
Another adorable chapter.
12/28/2013 c6 16purplangel
Kate shudders as heat licks down her skin. (I know the feeling... I'm shuddering from reading this HOT love scene)
Looove: God, she is more than just her job... She needs him like she needs her next breath. (Aplus line)
This visual certainly does it for me! Oh Lawd. - Reaching down he entwines his fingers with hers, and raises their hands above her head, as he continues to drive into her.
I 'awwed' over the significance of their ring. So romantic... Way to go Nikki!
The exchange between him and her talking about morning sex is just so dang adorable.
2 thumbs up for, "I'm gonna die a happy man."
You're so talented Julie at their conversations, - always witty, always sexy, sooo them.
Luv that she's going to Gates secretly, hoping to surprise Castle w/the good news.
U nailed it when you said there doesn't seem to be any closure on cases in D.C.
LOL over Kate's ESP: It's not bad news, Castle.
LMAO over: Damn Jedi mind tricks!
LOL and Luuuv Creepy Beckett.
I really like how every minute of the entire day is covered.
LOL over Kate clarifying, "Almost Anything."
My heart hurt when Castle asked about her being unsure of them again.
"I'm so afraid this job is going to kill your spirit, Kate." (My sentiments exactly)
Perfect line: I love you Kate. Not the muse. Not the cop, but the woman.
So Sweet about Rick wanting her to wake up truly happy and hopefully that means waking up to him for the rest of her life.
Gawd: Everyone can tell that a piece of me is missing when you're away.

*This story still continues to give me the feeels*
12/28/2013 c6 shazam12
I just stumbled on this story. It's a great read!
12/28/2013 c6 16Thecastlefan101
"She gives herself over to him and begins to with helpless abandon." Great visual!

I loved the dialogue for Gates, it was true to character. Had me laughing when she kicked kate out.
I'm happy she was able to talk to Castle about hating her job, I could feel how was from it. Especial,y when she had to fly back immediately to DC after arriving in new york.
So is she going to get the job back at the precinct? Will everything be okay for them?
12/27/2013 c6 49Ilovetoread09
Yay! So happy that Kate want to go back to the 12th. Hopefully, the Feds let her go easily.
12/12/2013 c5 16Thecastlefan101
I hate her boss man. I scoffed when he said the 72 hours part.

But yay! I'm glad they have time together! :)
Are we going to see more of this woman Castle was talking to? I have a feeling she and Kate might be good friends. And maybe they could be godparents and watch the kid when the mother needs a night off.
12/6/2013 c5 Ilovetoread09
Nice! I really like the way Kate's emotions are portrayed. The frustration with new job is definitely evident. Also, the last scene was great. Going to the swings was a good idea.
12/6/2013 c5 16purplangel
That is really awful that Kate has spent more time in airports than with her fiance! I can feel her frustration through your words.
LOL - utter brilliance ladies over Rick's choice of ringtone!
Rick is so freaking amazingly understanding of her DC Job.
My heart fluttered at his 'Always.'
Hurt my heart that Kate even considered that Rick might think about finding solace with another woman who's "fun and uncomplicated"
Wow. The last time a call went unanswered from him was during Alexis' graduation? Kate has need to worry then.
I'm surprised at her understanding Boss being aware of her personal problem and okaying a longer weekend for personal reasons, BUT I liiike it!
Meeting at the swings is so lovely and romantic.
Luved the reason he was captured in a romantic photo with someone else! Perfect Ladies.
LOL over "Maddie is right then?"
Lots of practice and very little sleep... 2 thumbs up
Such a cute ending! Still enjoying every word of this story. :)
12/5/2013 c5 39eyrianone
I really liked the chapter - I just want to see Kate ditch DC.
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