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for The One Night Stand

9/3/2014 c7 Angelinaissexy
Aww, Angie you can't be that way. I know he messed up but you gotta give him another chance.
9/3/2014 c6 Angelinaissexy
good stuff. in it for the long haul.
8/30/2014 c5 Angelinaissexy
Good chapter, I am really enjoying this.
8/30/2014 c4 Angelinaissexy
Would you like some punch with you dinner. Good Chapter
8/30/2014 c3 Angelinaissexy
Well, the baby, yes but George's reaction no. Good I can say that I will be finishing this fic.
8/30/2014 c2 Angelinaissexy
Nothing good every comes of secrets. I am almost hooked.
8/30/2014 c1 Angelinaissexy
Really after being away from her for 3 years you leave her naked and alone. Dude you should have went for seconds. Good so far.
7/22/2014 c19 14Hope-W
That was a really cute story! Thanks for sharing
6/8/2014 c19 keetongirl
Awesome! I love it! Thank you for recognizing me! That was so sweet. BTW I changed my username to McKinnon-and-Black-forever. So if you see someone with that username it's mah!
5/22/2014 c18 keetongirl
Great chapter! I love how the wedding took place! It was awesome! Write more soon!
5/6/2014 c18 keetongirl
Great chapter! I love that they changed the wedding venue.
3/21/2014 c17 1Silver Shiko
This is such a sweet story! I wish id have found it earlier but I'm still trying to shake the habit of filtering only for stories above 10000 words and decent update times ha ha. Anyway, I love George/Angelina stories! I think they're such a sweet couple even though people always seem to want to demonize them (or sometimes mostly Angelina) because Fred took her to the ball. Ugh it could have meant absolutely nothing and I won't rant on about it because people are silly concerning the whole thing. beside that whole thing I think they would have the most beautiful children and loved your description of little Freddie. People are so swept up into trying to make them "Weasley-like" they forget they're mixed race. Of course genes can go either way but they are more likely to turn out how you described Freddie. By the way, is Roxy making an appearance? Even in time skip mode? I just picture her as the cutest thing ever having Angie's personality and George wrapped around her finger. Sorry I'm jumping all over the place and this is getting long lol, but I honestly think you're doing a great job. I'm only sorry I didn't find this sooner when you had writers block and needed ideas. I think you're cruising along well and since you're wrapping up id just suggest having a comical wedding where Harry and Ginny announce they're expecting along with Ron and Hermione. Hope your carpal tunnel eases up!
3/19/2014 c17 keetongirl
Great chapter! I love that George took her to her grandmother's! That was so sweet.
2/19/2014 c16 2GryffindorGirl1997
It'd be cool if you skipped ahead a few years after the wedding to when Fred's older!
1/28/2014 c15 35liiilyevans
This chapter is so cute! I love how Molly and Angelina's mum try to get Angelina to do a big wedding. I could totally see them getting married in jeans without any shoes. If my mum did that to me I would elope.
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