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for The McCall Pack (formerly Scott and Mike)

5/17/2014 c10 adamaris
I like the proposed pairs. Please be consistent with spellings and use the correct spellings of names throughout. Please proofread and get a beta for grammar. I love the story line but the grammar and spelling needs help.
4/18/2014 c10 orionastro
very good new chapter , maybe Stiles can find love with one of the new werewolves that are going to move to Beacon hills . Cant hardly wait for the next chapters.
3/29/2014 c9 orionastro
very good new chapter, Stiles is just amazing in taking care of the werewolves , they all love him . Scott and Stiles, are essentially soulmates, since they loved each other since they 1st met in kindergarten , best friends/brothers ,Stiles is essential to the Pack. Can't hardly wait for the next chapters.
3/6/2014 c8 3KaylanRenee
I like this one
10/15/2013 c2 orionastro
very good story so far , Poor mike , with Scott/Stiles help and the rest of the pack , he will go on , but will miss his parents , very much , but please continue the meeting of 2 teen wolfs story . Cant hardly wait for the next chapter .
9/30/2013 c1 orionastro
very good beginning for the story , lets see how mike will react to Scott being a Werewolf. cant hardly wait for the next chapter.

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