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12/8/2019 c38 3Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R
That chapter ended right when things became awesome...
10/8/2018 c16 ZE GOD HAND
8/27/2015 c38 Serithus
The little prince is little no longer with his new form
6/28/2015 c1 Hillie
I have read all chapters, and one word for you : perfect!
6/26/2015 c1 Guest
I have read all these chapters and went crazy! Annie is really lucky to have ragnar by her side. He is an alive perfection.. Really love them! Keep going, author :) i cant wait for your next update!
6/23/2015 c3 4Lynn1999
I am loving this so far!
6/21/2015 c17 Guest
Shit this story is to damn great omg this is the best OC story ever... Omg i really love ragnar he is asfsjslslsuiehdnxllhfdfgh too awesome :") lucky annie~ keep going with this story! I cant wait to read more update!
4/29/2014 c32 BreathOfWisteria
This..this story is so god damn amazing! It's...I'm just speechless of the amazing piece of writing, i hope you update soon!
2/18/2014 c21 Guest
I'm surprised that there aren't many reviews for this. It's one of the best AoT stories I've read. Keep up the great work!
1/20/2014 c30 36lieutriver
1/11/2014 c29 lieutriver
Shits getting gooooooooooood! Hahaha
1/1/2014 c30 maesde
Very nice chapter! formal alliance declared I would say? And that moment between Eren and Annie, awesome. Just a nod, hides so many things behind.
Very cool, keep it up!
12/29/2013 c29 9Shrapnel893
I went ahead and reread a chunk of the story and I've noticed that you've made improvements in your writing. Keep it up!

Though, one thing I'd like to say is always go back and fix, rework, and polish your chapters, especially the early ones, because I've noticing a pattern of inconsistencies with word capitalization and such. Nothing major, but it wouldn't hurt to iron all of them out before continuing on with the story.
There is also the matter of dialogue - there are plenty sites that can help you with improving upon that and I recommend you take a gander at them. There are also some "out of character moments" but that's also no big deal. Unless, you didn't mean for there to be any "out of characterness"?
Anyway, simply keep practicing and researching about writing to improve upon what you already have for a superior work. If you have any questions, or if I have any for you, we can PM each other. :D
12/26/2013 c29 maesde
Pastor Nick! Ohh that guys, he's going down! Poor Connie his mother was almost rescued.
Keep updating, it's going great!
12/19/2013 c28 maesde
damn armin nooo what happened to him! i hope he saved that book, more insights into the war would be awesome! Very nice chapter, hope to see more!
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