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10/2/2013 c1 Heartlesr
Wait why must every fanfic with these two must be angsty and end up with one or both dying is this a trend but anyway, I really like this idea of a High School AU? Like Phantom and Luminious knew each other from long ago but never really interacted with one another until after Lucia's death, then Phantom noticed Luminious becoming more cold and distant (e.g his grades dropping when Luminious was one of the top students or Luminious just plain ignoring Phantom's teases when in the past he would at least respond to them or something) and Phantom just keeping an eye on Luminious e.g why would he come too the rooftop if he didn't know Luminious was there maybe eating lunch i don't know? I have a lot of Phanlumi feels

Would you consider doing a companion fic/extra chapter from Phantom's point of view? Hope you don't me asking, but I would really like seeing Phantom's thoughts about Luminious. '

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