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4/19/2019 c3 darkness Angelic
I know this hasn't been updated in years, but would you consider writing and updating it once again? I really enjoyed the characters and everyone you hadn't created yourself stayed in character. and in general it was just really fun to read!
7/24/2018 c3 SleepingBeautyRocks
LOL! "My cabbages!"! That part had me laughing so hard.
3/30/2017 c3 10watertribegirl
this story is really good. I hope that you update soon. I love to know what happens next.
3/29/2017 c3 4AngelAmongTheStars
I really love this story. It has a good balance of imagery and dialogue. The flow and pacing work well together. My only concern is that Rinzen and Sokka seem very similar, too similar, there needs to be more distinction between the two. They grew up in two different situations in two different parts of the world. There should be more differences at least from a cultural ideology if not at a personal level.
10/17/2014 c2 12Kaoupa
Could you update this again? It looks interesting to have a story where other airbenders survived, and get involved in the story.
10/10/2013 c2 Guest
Good job on the fanfic, good idea and I hope you update quickly
10/2/2013 c1 Guest
So some other nomads escaped the raids. Are there any other flying bison besides Appa around?

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