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2/26 c4 Guest
Do you watched rio 2?
1/1/2019 c3 173chloemcg
I love the hilarity of this chapter with many failed plots, including the later one with the baby toucans which I really found funny, Eva singing her lungs out and I also appreciate how I’m a guest star here and I really hope to see another fic from you some day.

And, to answer a question you asked me a year or so ago, yes my tummy still sucks (it’s doing okay for now, though) and it’s a lifelong condition. And I want to explain about something you pointed out in my newest fic “The rhythm of the heart”, I was originally going to put seventeen but then I remembered something that Rafael said in the film: “Seventeen of them, and one on the way” so I thought that I should include that one hatchling.

Anyway, I’m glad you liked my fanfic, Rapper, and I think your totally awesome.
10/6/2014 c6 Guest
Aww man, Rico da black hawk is done? ;( I'm so sad I'm bursting into tears I was a huge fan ;(
3/26/2014 c8 1KCN2000
LOVED this story, I'm a little sad its over :, (
12/17/2013 c1 5Kraft58
Good chapter
12/15/2013 c8 3mw3fan
Nice way to end the story, good to see that blu it's back where he belongs
12/15/2013 c8 173chloemcg
Yay! Blu's back! Sorry I reviewed late. I wasn't aware this story was even updated. I think this story was very heart-felt and very true to Rio. :) Great job! :D
12/15/2013 c8 spyrofan34
feilleny i have the time to leave a review great story ripper can't wait for a new story pm me back if you need help and happy holidays to the WORLD
12/14/2013 c8 5Loco Vampire
Wonderful ending for this story. I hope you are going to make another one. :)
12/14/2013 c8 7Blu100-Jewel100
Great story. I only wish it was longer.
12/14/2013 c8 1Xerion
Yay! The End! Happy Ending Cake's EVERYWH-.. might've not been the best idea.. I just ruined the site's carpet... uhh.. You wont tell 'em right..?.. right..?!..

ANYWAY.. so.. Darn.. this story was funny xD :D.. make more like it, please... also.. I should've chipped in an idea.. :{.. BUT.. I didn't catch the bait.. Im one of 'dem lazy fish... so.. yeah.. peace!

12/14/2013 c8 redacted fanfiction user
Love the ending and the story. You did a fantastic job with this. I give it a 10 out of 10. I enjoyed it. It's nice to see Blu back with his family. :)
12/13/2013 c7 5Loco Vampire
Awww, sweet convertation of Bia and her father. And now finally Blu has a confidence to go back to his REAL home. Just for the record, I'm afraid of things that can cut open my hand's skins. XD
12/12/2013 c7 1Xerion
Yay! Go Bia! xD.. She got 'dem convincing skillz like jagger with the swagger!... AND.. It turned awkward... yep... Hmm.. I shall be.. going now..

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